Lily Cole Pregnant At 27 With Boyfriend Kwame Ferreira’s Baby

March 1, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Lily Cole pregnant, believes that generosity and gratitude should replace money. Doctor Who actress Lily Cole is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Kwame Ferreira. Lily Cole took to her website Impossible where she shared a sweet picture that more or less revealed that she is pregnant with a baby boy.

lily cole pregnant

Is actress Lily Cole pregnant? The answer is a sweet yes. Earlier this week, Lily Cole took to her website Impossible where she posted a cute picture that featured a red and black spinning top and a bright purple dinosaur.

Next to the toys, Lily Cole wrote on a sticky note “I Am Having A Baby!” Cole, who retired from modeling in 2013, is expecting the child with Kwame Ferreira, her new boyfriend, and the founder of global innovation company Kwamecorp.

The 27-year-old actress, who has starred in films like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Snow White and the Huntsman, explained:

“The first known impossible baby is being born! I met Kwame when I was in the process of developing Impossible and he offered the most profound gift, to help build the platform.
After working together for a long time Kwame and I fell in love, and I am very happy to share our news that we are expecting our first child together…”

The headline “Lily Cole pregnant” rapidly traveled on the internet and many of her fans made sure to congratulate her. One supporter wrote:

“Many, many congratulations to you both, wonderful news! x”

Another added:

“The very best of luck and love to you both. Congratulations!”

Ferreira also helped Cole create her website. Lily Cole recently did an interview where she explained why she teamed up with Ferreira, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee to launch, which is a website that more or less grants wishes for free.

Cole said that she still believes in utopia and after the economic crisis that struck so many countries few years ago, she created a site where wishes are posted and granted by other kind and generous individuals who only ask for gratitude not money in return.

Cole explained:

“It wasn’t a specific reaction to that. But the conversation back in 2010 that coined the idea with a friend [Kate Tomlinson], who now works on the project, was in relation to the recession and more philosophically about why it is that when there is any recession, society is paralyzed as a consequence of economic paralysis. Because if you think about it, everyone has skills, time, resources, there is no intuitive reason why society couldn’t continue to organize itself. We’ve become almost slaves to the structure we created, forgetting that we created it [laughs].”

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