Elle Macpherson Bikini Body At 50 Is Better Than At 20

July 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Elle Macpherson Bikini Picture

Elle Macpherson bikini pictures are stunning whether they old or new. Elle Macpherson showed off her amazing bikini body in a photo she posted on Twitter. The photo of Elle Macpherson who is 50 was taken in France where she is holidaying with husband Jeffrey Soffer. Elle Macpherson also shared an old photo of herself as a young model in a bikini bottom and a vest like top on a shoot for Sports Illustrated.

Elle Macpherson bikini selfie at the age of 50 is mind blowing. Elle Macpherson who is currently on vacation in Saint-Tropez, France took to Twitter this week where she posted a sizzling photo of herself in a grey and yellow bikini.

In the snapshot, Elle Macpherson can be seen standing on a yacht holding a glass of organic juice.

Macpherson who celebrated her 50th birthday in March is fit as can be with toned legs and abs of an 18-year-old.

The business mogul who took the picture after a swim in Tahiti Beach in Saint-Tropez captioned it:

“Super greens… After super swim.”

Despite being on holiday, the Australian super model has been very busy on social networking sites pushing charities and promoting her brand and of course keeping her followers entertained which explained the old bikini picture above.

Elle Macpherson Bikini

Just before posting her bikini selfie, Elle Macpherson shared a photo that was taken in the 80s on a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated.

The throwback photograph reminds us of how bad 1980s fashion was but it also made us compare Elle’s body at 20 and at 50.

And we have to admit that she looks better now.

You can tell that The Body has been working out because she looks leaner, her legs are more defined and her abs are tighter.

Of course after seeing the mother-of-two’s impressive physique you must be wondering how does she look so good at her age.

Other than the fact of being a millionaire, being married to a billionaire and having access to nutritionists, personal trainers and plastic surgeons, here are few things every day folks can try.

Macpherson explained that she is able to stay in shape by eating green, lean protein and drinking mainly water and by avoiding chicken and red meat.

She also meditates a lot and avoids stress. She works out for 45 minutes every day. Her only snack is dark chocolate.


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