Tom Cruise Crush: Assistant Emily Not Dating Tom Cruise Says His Rep

November 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tom Cruise crushing on his assistant? The answer differs depending on who you ask. One source claimed that Cruise has a crush on his 22-year-old assistant, Emily, while another denied the story.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise crushing on his assistant named Emily, he is also dating Lindsay Lohan and Miranda Kerr according to US Magazine.

The mag claims that Cruise, 52, has been flirting with Emily while filming Mission Impossible 5 somewhere in Great Britain.

Emily who is 22 years old has been Cruise’s assistant for numerous years. When Tom Cruise is not busy filming wild scenes, hanging from the side of a moving A400 M, flying over England or fighting with bad guys, he is sweet-talking Emily.

A source who works on the set of Mission Impossible 5, said:

“He’s always flirting with her.Most people on the film have noticed how into her he is.”

The person went on to reveal that Tom Cruise has asked his crush on a date and she has accepted:

“He’s already asked Emily to go out to dinner with him, on a date, when they’re done shooting, they have never seen him crush on anyone so hard!”

But a rep has come forward to blast the “Tom Cruise crush on assistant” story. The representative told GossipCop that US did contact them prior to publishing the article.

Despite the fact that Cruise denied that he was having a relationship with his assistant, the mag marched ahead with the story:

“The story is completely false, Us Weekly knew it was [untrue] when they wrote it but nevertheless still published it.”

Few weeks ago, the same magazine claimed that Tom Cruise was dating Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan rapidly denied the claims. The publication later posted an article that stated 31-year-old model Miranda Kerr was Cruise’s lover. Kerr has also denied the rumor.

So, is the Tom Cruise’s assistant crush story real or another made up story?


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