Teresa Giudice To Get Sentencing Thursday, Joe Giudice Could Be Deported After Prison

October 1, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Joe and Teresa Giudice

Joe and Teresa Giudice are patiently waiting for October 2 to reach and their fate be decided by a judge in the bankruptcy and fraud case.

In a little more than 24 hours, Teresa Giudice and her husband of 14 years Joe from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey will know more about their future after the sentencing in the fraud case that has plagued their lives in the past year.

Although the couple struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors in March 2014, it is expected that they will be both be doing time behind bars. Teresa is currently looking at a lighter prison sentence, prosecutors are reportedly asking that the 42-year-old mother of 4 spends between 21 to 27 months in prison.

Joe Giudice who played a bigger part in the scheme, might face 37 to 46 months in prison. The Giudices have done all they could to avoid prison, but it seems that prosecutors want to make an example with this case. The couple asked not to serve their sentences at the same time, so one parent can be at home with the children, their request will probably not be followed through.

Initial reports suggested that Teresa could end up on probation and serve no time in prison, it turns out these claims were erroneous. Things are not getting better for the controversial pair, RadarOnline.com reports that Joe could get deported after serving his sentence.

Since Joe never became American, he could be up for deportation, something his lawyers have warned him about. After months of divorce rumors, a Joe and Teresa Giudice split could become a reality in the future. Teresa does not want to move to Italy if her husband becomes persona non grata in these United States.

The public is also anxiously waiting to see how this reality drama will play out in the upcoming months. What is clear is the fact that some of the statements or moments from The Real Housewives of New Jersey have turned commentators against the Giudices.

Joe and Teresa Giudice’s reservoir of good will is close to zero at this point, most people say they feel entitled and should be punished hard for all their wrongs.

What about the children?


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  1. L777 says:

    I am not defending Joe, but if he gets deported after he serves time, then this government has to deport all of 20 million illegals including those that were brought here as a child just like Joe.

    Why is he being the only one being deported? He and his wife committed fraud and they should pay for their crimes but to deport one illegal and ignore the rest of 20 Million is WRONG!!!

    Deport All illegals

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