Sharon Osbourne Says Sex With Jay Leno Only Lasted ‘A Second’

December 13, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Sharon Osbourne Jay Leno love story was short-lived. Osbourne recently revealed that she had a fling with Leno in her 20s.

Sharon Osbourne Jay Leno

The Sharon Osbourne Jay Leno romance that never really was is making headlines, thanks to a recent interview by The Talk co-host. On Tuesday, Osbourne was guest on the Howard Stern Show where the main topic was her brief relationship with Leno.

In 1976, a 25-year-old British woman by the name of Sharon Arden arrived in America. During that time, she was working for her father, Don Arden, who managed Black Sabbath.

Osbourne claimed that she was smitten with Leno who was already a well-known comedian. She met him at The Comedy Store and asked for his phone number and called him for almost one week.

The pair talked, but she made sure to never reveal her identity. Leno and Osbourne did eventually meet and had sex that she claimed lasted one minute. Mrs Osbourne confessed:

“One thing led to another.He came to my house and met me and then we had a little fling. The fling was more fling for me and not fling enough for him.”

She went on to add:

“Well it only took a minute, so I’ll just say, it took a second, that was it.”

Stern asked if it was good. Sharon Osbourne replied by saying:

“F*ck, no, it wasn’t long enough.”

She was happy to reveal that while Leno is bad in bed, he is a great kisser. According to Osbourne, she is certain that the former Tonight Show host is not the father of any of children because they do not have his famous chin.

Osbourne explained that while Leno was a bad lover, he was and is still a great friend. Leno gave his version of the story, but failed to mention the part where he was not able to satisfy Osbourne. Leno said:

“First of all, this happened when we were both single. What happened was, she had seen me at The Comedy Store, I had never met her, and she got my phone number, and she called me every night at midnight for an hour… she didn’t say who she was. But she had this British accent, and she was really intelligent.”

What are your thoughts on the failed Sharon Osbourne Jay Leno failed romance?


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  1. Gwugluud Barcher says:

    May be a little unfair, since it was only one time. And they were both super-young at the time; at that age range it can often happen like that. It’s not mentioned whether alcohol and/or other drugs were involved. A factor which could definitely have an impact on “that”, lol.

  2. dana says:

    when I was that age alcohol could not keep it down, but a dead fish would. what a full blown skank for flapping her gums about her sex life anyways.

  3. Jerry Trask says:

    Sounds like he is a better lover that comedian,just because he looks funny doesn’t make me laugh !

  4. Emily G. says:

    Sharon’s breath smelled like asssssss that is why Jay couldn’t do it.

  5. Georgette W. says:

    Jay doesn’t remember her because her face has changed 221 times since then.

  6. John Lee says:

    So How is OZZY. Is he the one minute wonder or the 10 minute wonder?

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