Rubio Mocks Hillary 60s: Florida Senator Attacks Clinton’s ‘Old Ideas’

November 20, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Marco Rubio mocked Hillary Clinton’s 60s comment in a new ad, and some are accusing the first-time senator from Florida of ageism. Mrs. Clinton’s “I come from the ’60s” line, which was delivered during the most recent Democratic presidential debate, is being used on social media by many Republicans, who believe she is from the past and is outdated – a polite way to say she is too old for the job.

Hillary Clinton

Marco Rubio mocks Hillary Clinton‘s 60s quote, and so do dozens of conservatives. On Sunday, the three Democrats running for the highest office in the land took part in a CBS debate where Hillary Clinton received few “gotcha” questions, had several back-and-forths with Bernie Sanders and unwillingly gave her opponents, aka her “enemies,” a money line.

One of the moderators asked the 67th United States Secretary of State to share her opinion on whether or not the protests at the University of Missouri over racial tension on campus should take place in other schools. The front-runner said she knew a thing or two about students standing for their rights and went on to make of the biggest gaffe of the night. She said:

“I come from the 60s, a long time ago.There was a lot of activism on campus — civil rights activism, antiwar activism, women’s rights activism — and I do appreciate the way young people are standing up and speaking out.”

The response from the Rubio campaign came quick.

The 44-year-old Republican uploaded a one-minute ad and called it: “This Election Is A Generational Choice It.” It starts with the sentence, “this election is a generational choice about the future of America,” and cuts to an old 1960s television with a backdrop of wallpaper from that same era. The old TV plays a clip of Clinton saying, “I come from the ’60s,” then it shifts to a video of Rubio declaring that “this election better be about the future, not the past.”

Since announcing his candidacy for the presidency, Rubio has repeatedly made it known that he is representing a new generation and fresh ideas, while Jeb Bush, 62, and Hillary Clinton, 68, are yesterday’s news. During the summer, the one-term senator claimed that Clinton was “stuck in a time machine to yesterday” and added:

“The race for the future will never be won by going backward. It will never be won by hopping in Hillary Clinton’s time machine to yesterday. She seems to believe pumping more of today’s money into yesterday’s programs will bring prosperity tomorrow. It will not.”

Rubio went on to reveal that he has a new vision and innovative ideas for America while Bush and Clinton do not. The baby-faced senator shared:

“New opportunities cannot be seized by old ideas, and the future must be embraced with enthusiasm and vision.”

Rubio is not the only Republican mocking Clinton; others joined in on the fun via social media.

Is Marco Rubio practicing ageism when it comes to Clinton?

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  1. a.y.harrison says:

    I just need to say if it wasn’t for the one’s before him, this a$$hole would never be in the position he’s in today, let alone running for an office. It’s idiots like him that the older generation wouldn’t vote for him. To be honest I think he couldn’t handle the pressure of being the president, I definitely wouldn’t vote for him.

    • sherryk says:

      I couldn’t agree more! With the state of our world right now, who would you prefer: AGE and experience OR wet behind the ears??!!!

  2. iowa voter says:

    Maybe Marco doesn’t realize that much of the electorate is also from the 60’s. He proves his ignorance in this line of attack.

  3. captain ern says:

    this pipsqueak has the nerve to mock anyone?

  4. Krish says:

    we need the person that is in their 20s for President not 40 or 60 if that is the debate. Youngest President can do best and perform well that Mr. Rubio. He is speaker to talk everything that is negative, not even a single thing that positive. During his tenure as senator, he suck up the perks and salary from the taxes, but perform nothing except the opposition. His contribution to the country is nothing more than his own desire.Even he is a good debator but not good thinker for the country to bring beyond the exist goal.

  5. Adam says:

    I seriously question his judgment. What is wrong with acknowledging that your life experience encompasses the 60s when protests were prevalent during that time? It is context for her experience with the content of the question. Such dishonesty for the republicans to take so many childish swipes at things like this. I wonder what type of secretary of state each would be with such lack of diplomacy. Presumably not very good. How much worse as a president? Hilary Clinton is fighting with one hand tied behind her back because she will have to actually be the president, not just campaign. So, she has to be a little more adult. Barack Obama is fighting with one hand tied because his back as he is the president, not campaigning. There are consequences for what he says. There is no consequence for anything these republican candidates say, they will never be president unless they can convince the American voters to stoop to their level.

  6. Joe says:

    I can see by the above why the country is in the poor shape it is. Blind people that can not look to the forward only to the past. They forget the past was not that good. Whitewater Vince Foster ML and the current list of lies. Go ahead and vote for Hillary it just proves how stupid you are.

  7. PJO says:

    It seems to me that taking away a woman’s right to choose and condoning women earning on average 33% less than men is a step backward. Do not focus on a candidates age, focus on their ideas. Protectionism, closing borders, woman’s rights make Rubio and his policies look old regardless of his age.

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