Kelly Ripa ‘Nightmare’ Move Is Hard On Her And Mark Consuelos

July 29, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

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Kelly Ripa and her family are currently preparing a big move, the TV personality finds the whole experience to be quite traumatic. Ripa calls her change of location a “nightmare.”

Kelly Ripa and her family are relocating, the “All My Children” actress calls the process a nightmare. Ripa, 43, hosted a charity event in the Hamptons over the weekend called Super Saturday where she chatted with Vanity Fair.

During the little talk, she addressed her 20-year-long unrequited love story with CNN journalist Anderson Cooper. Ripa has been married for over eighteen years to actor Mark Consuelos, who is not jealous of her Cooper obsession. Consuelos knows it is just a game and that Cooper does not feel the same way.

What caught people’s attention with this interview is what Ripa had to say about moving and leaving the family’s apartment in New York. Put in a simple way, the move is a nightmare for her. She wants to keep old things like baby stuff but her husband wants to dump what is unnecessary. In some corners, they call this hoarding.

The “Hope & Faith” actress told Vanity Fair:

“It is a bit of a nightmare, because Mark likes to throw everything away, and I want to save everything for when the kids are older one day.”

Trying to defend her cute hoarding, the mother-of-three added:

“So, you know, they have their things, like their first report card, so it’s a constant struggle as to what we should toss versus what we should save.”

Kelly Ripa and her family are moving out of their Soho duplex, after recently finding a buyer. The apartment was listed for over a year, the asking price was $24.5 million.

Ripa and Consuelos had to accept a smaller offer to complete the sale according to the New York Observer.

The “nightmare” comment did not sit well with everybody. Some commentators said she was just another privileged person complaining about little things while those in need have to see their homes face foreclosure.

Others complained that this should not even be considered news since a lot of people deal with the same dilemma on a daily basis.

Either way, a remark that appeared innocent on the surface generated quite a bit of angry reactions. If the uproar grows, Ripa will no longer be facing a “nightmare” move but a PR nightmare.


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  1. becka shaman says:

    Boo-hoo. Rent a damn storage unit and keep all you want — you can afford it. Not a problem and not of interest. Couldn’t be more trivial.

  2. Rebecca Calloway says:

    Why is it such a secret where you are moving? I would be happy to let people know. We really like you and watch the show every day unless I have to go to the doctor. We need a house to rent really bad, but I would be telling the world if I could afford what the asking prices are here. We, I think, are too old to buy a home now. We are 68 and 77. I have had heart by-pass surgery and then I had cancer of my right upper lobe of my lung last year. So we don’t have the money to rent or buy a home. We are living in a small house which looks like a shack. We are not used to living this way, but we had to sell our home we had built because of my health. I was just asking where you were moving to because you seem like family to me and my husband since we watch you and Michael every single day. Thank you for reading this.

  3. shari says:

    Get over it people!!!! She is just being sentimental and I understand where she is coming from. It’s not about the fact that she has money, it’s about the fact that she is a mom and she is sentimental about her kids and their milestones. I am having to downsize my house and feel the same way she does. I have certain things I want to keep because of the sentimental value. My kids are now grown, so I have been able to give them the things that I kept. There are too many people in this world who have nothing better to do than put other people down, especially celebrities!!!! Get a life!!!

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