Nicole Scherzinger Ties: Friends Of Nicole Scherzinger Hope She Will Cut Ties With Former Lover

March 2, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Nicole Scherzinger cuts ties with Lewis Hamilton for the fourth time and this time it might be for good. Friends of Nicole Scherzinger have apparently convinced her to cut all ties with Lewis Hamilton after their split in February due to the fact that he has refused to marry her. Nicole Scherzinger has been busy touring and vacationing in Italy – a country where she enjoyed a romantic getaway with Lewis Hamilton just months ago.

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Nicole Scherzinger cuts ties with her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton who has refused to marry her. For the past seven years, Nicole Scherzinger and British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton have had a very rocky romance.

The lovers split publicly at least four times because of their hectic schedules and because the singer was mainly residing in America, while the Formula One ace is in England and Morocco.

In February, Nicole Scherzinger announced to the world that she had split with the 30-year-old wannabe rapper for the last time. The duo also stopped following each other on Twitter and Instagram.

At the time, the former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman issued a statement that revealed that it was an amicable split. The 36-year-old singer stated:

“I’m devastated that it didn’t work out. It was the hardest decision we had to make, but we made it together.”

But rumors rapidly started spreading that Lewis Hamilton refused to marry Nicole Scherzinger, which prompted her to end the on-and-off romance. The pair, who shared a home in London and had several pets together, remained good friends and would sometimes speak on the phone.

But friends of the Love Don’t Cost a Thing actress are begging her to cut ties with ex-boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, in order for her to move on with her life. An unnamed source spoke to The Sun on Sunday, explaining that it is time for her to focus on her life. The insider said:

“The split has been devastating for Nicole. She feels the only way she can move on is by putting distance between her and Lewis. While their split was amicable, she and those around her feel it’s not healthy for them to remain friends.”

The “Girl with a Diamond Heart” and “Big Fat Lie” singer has been trying to keep busy since becoming single in order to forget the man who broke her heart time and time again.

Days after announcing the separation, the singer flew to India for a performance at a multi-million dollar wedding and later traveled to the Philippines with Unicef.

#joy #giveback @unicefphils #Philippines #educate #awareness

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The same friend told the publication:

“Nicole has been throwing herself into work, and having these trips in place has meant that she has been getting physical distance from the whole situation.”

But another insider claimed that the pair will get back together despite her friends’ actions. The so-called insider explained:

“It was a mutual decision. The long distance kept them apart for long periods of time. It’s been seven years now, and it’s always the same reason that splits them up. Love always brings them back together.”

Scherzinger, who was part of Cats the musical, has been having a very busy yet fun time in Venice, Italy with her dancers. Miss Nicole Scherzinger has shared numerous pictures of herself, eating Italian delicacies, drinking wine, enjoying the amazing and historical architecture.

She also posted a hot photo of herself in fishnets, stretching with her dancers before hitting the stage. She should have captioned it “Nicole Scherzinger tied up in a knot,” but; instead, she wrote:

“Floating #greenroom! Having to warm up and stretch on the boat before we perform! I love #Venice @diddi_e @natalieromerolv.”

It must be a sad trip for the star, who celebrated her sixth anniversary with Hamilton last year in Venice, Italy. Nicole Scherzinger cuts ties, but love tends to work in mysterious ways.

Should Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton get back together?


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