MythBusters Last Episode Aired And Things Got Emotional

March 7, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mythbusters‘ last episode aired on Saturday and President Barack Obama was among the people, who decided to praise the show. The final episode featured hosts – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman – blowing up an RV and discovering how their experiments saved a mother and her baby from drowning.

Mythbusters last episode

The last episode of Mythbusters featured an emotional installment about a mother, who was able to save herself and her child thanks to the show – the finale also had the usual blowing up of stuff.

On Saturday, Discovery Channel bid adieu to Mythbusters after a 13-year run, and hosts – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman – thrilled fans by conducting 2,950 experiments, busting 1,050 myths and causing 900 explosions.

The popular show saw a long list of diverse guests including President Barack Obama, Seth Rogen, James Cameron, Aaron Paul, Vince Gilligan, and Sophia Bush. Mr. Obama released a statement praising the series for promoting math and science while being fun. The president said:

“I am a big fan of the Mythbusters. I’ve even had them over to the White House a few times. Now come to think of it they never let me blow anything up, but I’m still going to miss you. I’m grateful for the time that yes they proved that America did actually land on the moon, and for the time they came to the White House to debunk the Archimides solar ray. That was fun. So after more than 1000 myths tested, after more than 900 explosions, after 83 miles of duct tape, I just want to say thank you to Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory, Grant, and all of the Mythbusters team for entertaining us these 14 years. More importantly thank you for inspiring so many of our young people to ask the big questions about our world and to seek the answers through math, science, and engineering. It’s going to make a real difference to America’s future, I promise you. We’ll be better off because of you, but the secret service will rest easier without you on our south lawn. Congratulations on a great run.”

In the final episode, which included appearances by former team members Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara fans watched the blowing up of an RV and filling of a Cement Truck with 5000 pounds of ANFO. However, the segment, which really stood out was about Theresa Booth, a faithful viewer of the show, who almost drowned on April 3, 2007, along with her baby, but was saved thanks to her courage and excellent memory. Booth, of Saint Martin, Minnesota, shared:

“I hit a patch of slushy snow and went off into the water. Our car was filling up with water, it was happening so fast. I crawled through the vehicle, got into the back seat with Emily, unstrapped her from her car seat and I tried the driver’s side door — that door wouldn’t open. I had Emily in my arms trying to keep her out of the water and I’m going, ‘Oh my gosh, I need to get us out of here’ and then the ‘MythBusters’ thing came to mind. I was like, OK, I have to wait. Even though I didn’t want to, I had to wait ’til the pressure equalized in the vehicle so I could get the door open. I waited until that moment, pushed the door open and it opened like nothing. I swam-walked and held Emily above my head to keep her out of the water and got onto the road.”

Booth added:

“I still get emotional, every year on April 3 I still kind of go, yeah, this could have been the day me and her weren’t here.”

Both Byron and Savage cried and said:

“Wow, I don’t know what to say. That’s intense.”

The final episode of MythBusters was followed by the reunion special.

What are your thoughts on Mythbusters‘ last episode?


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  1. Cereal Keller says:

    That sucks, I love mythbusters. It’s one of the few shows I watch regularly and have seen most of the episodes multiple times. I’m so sad to see it go. Another great show gone, and in its place… CRAP!

    • Adrianna Bento says:

      Ikr? Mythbusters is the best show on science channel! I’m gonna miss this show! :'(

  2. Me says:

    Great show, and I loathe the fact that for whatever reason it has come to the last episode! Kinda’ sucks the big one, in a rather large way!

    I am happy for reruns at least, but I’ve see the majority of them. *tear*

    Phuck President Obama’s opinion…..he is full of $#!T…he allegedly gets his information from the news FIRST, the lying D-Bag, he is!

    The show was beyond excellent! and I than the guys fro their tremendous work!

    What else can I say. My keyboard is filed with saline…

    • Pharrell says:

      O shut up with your pointless hatred, no one cares except you and your juvenile friends.

      It had to end eventually, it was awesome they kept going for so long.

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