Michael Lohan Bashes Wife Kate Major After Losing Custody Of Their Kids

November 6, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michael Lohan, aka Lindsay Lohan’s dad, and his wife, Kate Major, have lost custody of their young boys to his mother, Marilyn Lohan, and he is not happy about it. In a new interview, Mr. Lohan blamed Major for the court ruling by revealing that she has become an alcoholic, who is often picking fights and causing drama in front of their sons.

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Michael Lohan, best known as the father of controversial actress and future presidential candidate Lindsay Lohan, is fuming after losing custody of his children – Landon, 2, and 10-month-old Logan Lohan.

On Tuesday, both Michael Lohan and his estranged wife, Kate Major, appeared in front of a Florida judge, who threw the book at them. The judge awarded the custody of the couple’s two children to Mr. Lohan’s mother, Marilyn Lohan. The reason?

Last week, a very disturbing video leaked showing Lohan and Major having a very violent fight as their toddler and their baby watched on. Authorities from the Florida Department of Children and Families removed the children from the home and placed them in foster care until Marilyn Lohan flew to Florida to take care of her grandchildren.

Lindsay Lohan’s father and his spouse begged the judge to reconsider his decision but in vain. However, the judge is allowing the parents to see the children under the supervision of a family services monitor. The duo has also been ordered to take anger management courses. As he was stepping out of the courtroom, Mr. Lohan spoke to RadarOnline saying that Major is the only reason they lost their children and that she needs professional help with her addiction. The TV personality said:

“What’s wrong with this picture? Kate went to jail for DWI and Michael raised Landon on his own for 8 months. Kate gets out of jail, gives birth to Logan, relapsed on alcohol, assaults Michael, Kate goes to rehab, Michael raises Landon and Logan on his own and has full custody.

He went on to reveal that last week, a very drunk Major showed up at his home to pick up the boys and the pair got into a heated argument and some way, somehow the incident was caught on camera.

According to Lohan, he is a real father, making $240,000 per year to take care of his sons. As for Major, she is bringing no income to the household and has been arrested numerous times. In April, Major was arrested after attacking Lohan and the following month, she checked into rehab. In 2013, Major was arrested after her husband called the police following another drunken feud.


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