Meghan King Edmonds Lashes Out: Gunvalson Hits Back In Epic Way

August 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Meghan King Edmonds lashes out at Vicki Gunvalson after she dares to criticize her for the way she is raising her teenage stepdaughter. The fight between Edmonds and Gunvalson occurred in Tahiti, where the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County was supposed to be relaxing and getting to know one another.

meghan king edmonds lashes out gunvalson

Meghan King Edmonds lashed out at Vicki Gunvalson as the pair fought over, who is the worse parent.

When most people travel thousands of miles to the beautiful French island of Tahiti, they relax, go scuba diving and sip on a piña colada. However, when the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County visit paradise, they fight, insult one another and create drama.

On the August 10 episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, after a night of heavy drinking and partying and drinking, Vicki Gunvalson revealed to Meghan King Edmonds that she had plans to buy her adult daughter a new car just because she was feeling depressed.

During the chit-chat, Edmonds made the horrible mistake of telling Gunvalson that her and husband, Jim, have decided that their 17-year-old daughter, Hayley, will be doing some homeschooling.

Mrs. Edmonds, who is the newest cast member of the series, explained that she has agreed for the teenager to do an independent study and the child will, therefore, do most of her work from home.

The news seemed to really trouble Gunvalson, who yelled at her co-star for not making sure that the teen focuses on her schooling. Vicki Gunvalson also claimed that Meghan King Edmonds was a terrible stepmother, who is trying to replace Hayley’s real and sick mother by always buying her expensive cars and clothes. She screamed at the headband designer:

“You’re raising a little monster.”

Needless to say that Edmonds was shocked by the comment and slammed Gunvalson for being a hypocrite and bad mother, who is willing to spend thousands on a vehicle for her 28-year-old daughter, just because she is unhappy with her life.

Moments after the episode aired, Edmonds did an interview with OK! where she explained why she fought with Gunvalson. She said:

“I think probably because I call out her faults. I think that Vicki goes around in circles when she talks and she likes to place blame and ask me about who I am and what my family’s about and then change the subject and talk about something personal. I called her out on what she was doing. And I don’t think she liked it, so she came more and more after me.”

Edmonds also confessed that she like many of her co-stars believe that Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Brooks, is faking cancer for ratings and sympathy. She shared:

“We fought over that. I’m dealing with cancer in my own way with Hayley’s mom being really sick and so if somebody is faking cancer or if I have questions about it, that’s going to piss me off and I’m going to ask questions about it.”

According to Edmonds, sharing her story about how difficult it is to raise a teenage stepdaughter will help other young stepmothers. She also claimed that being on the reality series, despite the constant bickering, has made her a stronger woman and has helped her marriage.

Meghan King Edmonds lashed out at Gunvalson, and fans are divided about the person, who won the exchange.

What do you think of all this drama?


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  1. jo-an benedetti says:

    Meghan Stop being such A CRY BABY!!! You act very immature and do nothing for this SHOW. I HAVE STEP CHILDREN THAT IS WHY STEP IS INFRONT They are NOT YOURS ON ANY LEVEL!!!!!! You can be a great part of their life and love them but they belong to someone else WIFE BEFORE YOU!!!! It is so much different if you and your husband adopted children they ARE YOURS but not when your husband has them with someone else !They have a MOM.MEGHAN WORRY ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND AND YOU. TERRIBLE ACTRESS!!!!!

  2. Laura R says:

    Meghan you are the rudest person ever. From the way you treated Shannon to your inconsiderate attitude towards maternal mothers. If you thought being rude and obnoxious to your fellow housewives was going to score you points, then you are sadly mistaken. Your superior attitude stinks. I don’t know why Bravo threw you at us the viewers but I can tell you that other than being a stepmother you did not bring anything to the game nor did you hit it out of the park. I sure hope Bravo doesn’t renew your contract at all.

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