Meg Ryan Mellencamp: Actress And John Mellencamp Back Together After August Split

October 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp reunited and it feels so good. Ryan and Mellencamp who ended their romance over the summer after three years of dating, have rekindled the burning flames of love this month.

meg ryan mellencamp

Over the summer, Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp ended their romance. According to close sources to Mellencamp, 63, and Ryan, 52, the pair called it quits because of their hectic schedules and living arrangements.

While the actress is based in New York, the musician lives in Indiana and the duo was unable to compromise and live in one state. But it seems that Ryan and Mellencamp have figured out the logistic of love and have rekindled the flames of love.

On October 15th, the lovers were spotted looking happy as they held hands during a stroll in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood. The couple, both sported jeans and t-shirts despite the gloomy New York fall weather.

Few days later, Mellencamp and Ryan were seen in the same area standing in front of a restaurant as the rocker smoked a cigarette. While their respective representatives have declined to comment on the duo’s reunion, a close source to John Mellencamp has confirmed that they are back together. The insider shared:

“They are back together and it’s brand new.They’re really happy about it.”

According to another source, Mellencamp has decided to leave his Bloomington, Indiana in order to move to the Big Apple to be with Ryan. The person claimed that family and friends are thrilled that they have decided to give this another chance because they complete each other.

After giving some serious thought, John Mellencamp realized that he loves Meg Ryan and understands that she needs to be in New York where son, Jack, 22, is attending college and she is raising daughter, Daisy, 8.

Last month, Mellencamp appeared on the Today Show where he confessed that he was still in love wit Ryan and was hoping they could fix their romance, by the looks of things all matters have been indeed resolved.


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