LeAnn Rimes Tabloid Rumors: LeAnn Mocks Tabloid Rumors On Twitter

September 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

LeAnn Rimes Tabloid Rumors

The LeAnn Rimes tabloid rumors have now found a fierce opponent, the star herself, and it’s all done in good humor. LeAnn Rimes, tabloid rumors and Twitter, when these three things come together, expect endless jokes. Last week, the music star took to the internet to laugh at the latest tabloid rumors that she read about herself and husband Eddie Cibrian.

Believe it or not, between recording albums, touring, filming a reality show and taking care of a family, LeAnn Rimes still finds time to read tabloid rumors. Last week, Rimes spotted two epic stories written about her and her husband that she had to share them with her Twitter followers.

The first rumor came courtesy of The National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, Rimes and Cibrian are heading for a $50 million divorce. Lots of insiders and sources claimed that the pair has been fighting since late 2013 and the end of their marriage is near.

The second one is coming from OK! Magazine that published a piece claiming that Cibrian no longer wants kids with Rimes. Apparently, the American tabloid came up with the rumor after a lengthy investigation by their best reporters that began in April. Amused by the wild rumors, the singer told her followers that next week she will find new ones to share.

Rimes also wondered how do these so-called insiders know what is going inside her head? She tweeted:

While some are making up grand stories about us today (lots of them) very funny but lacking in creativity we’re gonna enjoy some.

After mocking the tabloid rumors, LeAnn Rimes promised to tackle some of the bizarre stories circulating on the internet. One of her fans asked her, if it was true that she was pregnant with an alien baby and another wanted to know if it was true that her husband got her a Pilates studio and likes to have sex in a specific position?

Tune in next week for the answers to those burning questions.

Both Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes should be realistic and know that if they are relevant, there will be tabloid rumors and wild tweets about them.

As one commentator put it, they should just ignore the rumors and live their lives as the haters watch like jealous spectators.

What are your thoughts on LeAnn Rimes mocking tabloid rumors?


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  1. Buck Fulkerson says:

    Who cares! LeAnn Rimes needs to shut the hell up and go away! She is not that great a talent. She’s not pretty, and she needs to keep her clothes on! Her body looks like it’s composed of knee caps! I hope she doesn’t have children.

  2. Katie says:

    I think the reason for the rumors is ultimately they will come true. Eddie is a serial cheat. He doesn’t stay with anyone for the long haul. Plus the odds for a successful marriage based on cheating (the other woman/the other man) is low overall. Why not start the rumor mill early and keep it grinding? Leann is a loser overall. She made her bones on sounding like Patsy Kline and she’s not good for much else. Leann won’t get pregnant because Eddie likes the gaunt look. When Brandi picked up some weight from kids, suddenly Eddie was looking elsewhere. I can’t wait to hear about him with someone else and it has the ring of truth. Leann deserves it like no other.

  3. Brie says:

    Those two are perfect for each other. Divorce rumors be damned.

  4. Wanda says:

    She is really funny and likes to get all dramatic. It’s not all that serious, why is she tripping?

  5. GeorgiePeach says:

    Leann is unraveling. She is not ‘laughing’ at the rumors…she is obviously seething and raging. Soon there will be no more tabloid stories because their fifteen minute flame is going out, and she will completely lose it. Eddie is obviously an opportunistic moocher unfaithful wad of cow manure who is only with this whacko hog face because of her $$$… and to stick it to Brandi, who they are both obsessed with. Hideous, grotesque people….in every way. Eddie’s peanut head is too big for his bulky body with his fat butt and child bearing hip. He always has that self-satisfied smirk on his sleazy, squinty eyed face. As does Leann. Pathetic.

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