Kitten conveyor belt incident: Animal rescued at recycling plant

December 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A kitten found on a conveyor belt has been adopted and could have been given an appropriate name like Lucky or Miracle. A man, who works at a recycling center in Sacramento, spotted the adorable kitten on a conveyor belt along with debris heading to a sudden death when he rushed and saved the animal. Another worker fell in love with the kitten and adopted it on the spot and give it the name Murphy.


A kitten discovered on a conveyor belt has a new home. On Tuesday morning, Tony Miranda, an employee of a recycling center located in Sacramento, was very shocked when he spotted an adorable kitten on a conveyor belt in the middle of trash heading down a certain death by compression.

Cal-Waste Loader Operator Tony Miranda, who was sorting the recycling ran and scooped the animal. Miranda explained:

“We put so much material in here and we run so much stuff through it. It’s just amazing to see a little kitty survive through all this. It made my day today, definitely made my day.”

Miranda said saving that cat made his day and added that he has no idea how it got in the facility. He revealed:

“I pretty much just found it between all the debris and bags and just everything. I just grabbed it and immediately reported it to the line supervisor.”

It is believed that the cat survived a ride in a dump truck before a tractor pushed it onto one of two conveyor belts. Several other employees at the facility including Shift Lead Heather Garcia came to see the baby cat and fell in love with it. Garcia said:

“Over the radio, I heard them say that they found a live cat, and I was curious cause, I mean that’s just amazing, but, I wanted to see it.”

After playing with the kitten, Garcia adopted it, took it to the vet and gave it the name Murphy – inspired by the facility where it was found.


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