Jenny And Melissa McCarthy Weight Feud Denied

July 28, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jenny McCarthy On Melissa McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy on Melissa McCarthy: I never told her to lose weight. Via Twitter Jenny McCarthy is blasting The National Enquirer for publishing a story that claimed she advised her cousin Melissa McCarthy to shed few pounds in order to make it in Hollywood. Jenny also slammed the tabloid for constantly making up lies and for pitting two women against each other.

After clearing the air with Hillary Clinton, Jenny McCarthy is announcing to the world that she has nothing but love for cousin Melissa McCarthy.

Few days ago, The National Enquirer posted a hilarious piece entitled “Jenny McCarthy And Melissa McCarthy At War” detailing the bitter feud between cousins Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy.

The publication claimed that Jenny told Melissa when she was starting out that if she did not lose weight, she would never have a real acting career.

The comment did not sit well with the “Mike & Molly” star, and the pair has been at odd since then.

The paper went on to quote an anonymous source with close ties to “The View” co-host who revealed that the Tammy actress was not invited to Jenny’s upcoming wedding to Donnie Wahlberg because of jealousy.

The insider stated that the former Playboy model is jealous that Melissa has a highly successful career as an actress, screenwriter, has been nominated for an Oscar, won an Emmy and is lining up movies faster than the speed of the light.

Angered by the story, the mother-of-one took to Twitter to slam the newspaper. The bride-to-be tweeted:

“The story about my cousin Melissa and I is bullshit. I’m proud of her & would never say such hurtful words. Shame on you.”

The Crazy Little Thing actress also did an interview with People where she explained that she never told Melissa the hurtful things mentioned in the piece.

She went on to add that she is more than proud to see a McCarthy working hard and accomplishing her goals.

The Diamonds star was asked if there was any truth to the allegations that her cousin was not invited at her wedding.

The future Mrs Donnie Wahlberg gave a weird statement that left some wondering was there some truth in The Enquirer article after all?

The TV personality claimed that the screenwriter will not be at the ceremony because she is only inviting a small group of family and friends, isn’t Melissa family?


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