Jenny McCarthy Regrets Hillary Clinton Lesbian Joke

July 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jenny McCarthy Hillary Clinton Regrets

Jenny McCarthy now regrets her Hillary Clinton lesbian jab, in a lengthy piece written in the The Chicago Sun-Times’ Splash. Jenny McCarthy mocks Hillary Clinton during an episode of The View saying that she is a lesbian, in an op-ed, she says she now regrets the remarks and feels bad for sharing inaccurate information with the public.

Jenny McCarthy says she now regrets the joke she made about Hillary Clinton.

Last week, the ladies of “The View” were discussing Ronald Kessler’s new book, entitled The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents that includes a juicy passage on one of Bill Clinton alleged mistresses nicknamed “The Energizer.”

The book claimed that the President supposedly had a 13-year affair with a mother-of-three named Julie McMahon who also happened to be the Clintons’ neighbor and good friend.

Julie McMahon was given the nickname because she visited the former Democratic leader very often.

As the co-hosts were talking about the rumors, Sherri Shepherd said she finds it hard to believe that Bill would still be cheating on Hill because they have been through so many things as a couple.

McCarthy who will not be returning on the show in the fall interjected that maybe the former governor of Arkansas has his girlfriends and the former Secretary of State has her girlfriends – alluding to the long running allegation that Mrs Clinton is gay and was sleeping with one of her female staff members.

The former Playboy model regretted the joke and wrote an open letter in The Chicago Sun-Times’ Splash entitled “Anti-Gossip Girl” to explain that when she went home that night and started reflecting on her remarks, she realized that she was a hypocrite and felt ashamed.

The mother-of-one confessed that she had been hurt in the past by fake stories written about her and her family in the tabloids so she was surprised to catch herself doing the same thing to someone else.

The 41-year-old went on to explain that her role is to inspire and build up other women, not to trash them with negative comments.

The activist added that she will make sure she no longer feeds her audience lies.

Jenny McCarthy apologized for what she said about Hillary Clinton and concluded that she is a work in progress and hopes to become a true inspiration to women with time.

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  1. tony Fressola says:

    This show is trash, who can spew the most hate, especially whoopi

  2. Lucia Rooks says:

    I am happy to hear you apologized to our former first lady. You are a beautiful lady and should conduct yourself in a more respectful manner if you want to be taken serious when it is time for it. That’s whats up Ms. McCarthy.

  3. Joe says:

    Why be sorry, I am doubting that even a visually impaired lesbian would want something that gross. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine having it next to you. Is there any wonder that cigar sales have been rising over the last 18yrs or so?

  4. Yes says:

    McCarthy has been with women…she has admitted that…personally, I have no problem with gay and lesbians…In fact, if Hillary is gay or bisexual, good for her…does not affect how she will run this country…we have to move on people.

  5. nellie says:

    Big mistake, that sound’s like something Elizabeth H. would say, I couldn’t stand her & she was reason I quit watching The View. I have just returned to watching show. I am not to crazy about Sherry, she has gone from thinking the world is flat to thinking she knows everthing. Oh well it will be good to see Rosie back. The show would be so much better if they could get someone like Joy, Meredith or Liza L. back.

  6. Lisa says:

    Jenny McCarthy is not an activist. She’s just a loudmouth. She singlehandedly made immunization rates plummet due to her completely uninformed rants, putting hundreds of thousands of children at risk for serious childhood diseases. She seems so surprised by her own son’s quirkiness, his social difficulty at summer camp recently, and his hacking of her Twitter account. If she would spend more time learning everything she can about her son’s disability, and less about getting attention for herself and her boyfriend, then she would not be in a position of having to ask viewers how to handle her son. She pretty much exploits him every day on t.v. when she talks about his struggles and quirkiness. That kid is high functioning and is really going to resent her some day for talking/laughing about him on national t.v.

  7. alma says:


  8. ruth says:

    Never liked Jenny McCarthy….I feel she thinks she is better than everyone else and can say whatever she feels..I am so glad she put her foot in her mouth and glad to see her off the view..

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