Sinkhole Threatens Homes In Florida

July 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Huge Sinkhole Picture

Huge sinkhole opened up in Florida prompting the evacuation of a neighborhood. Four families living in Spring Hill were evacuated on Saturday after a huge sinkhole appeared and ate up the intersection, driveways, front yards and side walks. The massive sinkhole is said to be 120 feet wide and 30 feet deep and growing by the minute. Authorities say that engineers will be on the site on Monday to repair the damages.

A huge sinkhole has opened up and devoured a street in Spring Hill in Florida on Saturday, leaving residents worried and scared.

According to Margaret Helmick, one the first person who spotted the impressive sinkhole and called police, she heard a big explosion from her kitchen window and saw a large piece of dirt and grass flying in the air.

The dirt came back down very fast and that is when she spotted the huge sinkhole that was opening like concentric circles.

The huge sinkhole is a wide and deep as a full pipe used for skateboarding.

The hole is said to be about 120 feet wide and 30 feet deep and is spreading with every passing minute.

Police and and a team from the Public Works and Engineering Department arrived to the Hernando county community and evacuated families in four homes that were on the edge of disaster and closed an intersection that was crumbling apart.

The homes affected had their driveways destroyed and there were cracks running on the walls.

Despite the fact that The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office does not know if the huge sinkhole has stopped growing they have allowed three of the families eventuated to return to their homes.

Residents are still thankful that there were no vehicles or children playing on the street when the massive sinkhole appeared.

Those living in Spring Hill are nervously monitoring the ground beneath their feet as they wait till Monday for workers to star repairing the area affected by the huge sink hole.


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