Geena Davis Jack Nicholson Flirt Has No Happy Ending

November 8, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Geena Davis’ Jack Nicholson tale has Hollywood written all over it. Davis and Nicholson flirted, but never had sex thanks to a great line provided to her by Dustin Hoffman.

Geena Davis Jack Nicholson

Geena Davis says, “Jack Nicholson called me and said when will it happen?” and story goes viral. Yes, Jack Nicholson is that straightforward.

On Thursday night, Geena Davis was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she spoke about Jack Nicholson hitting on her.

Davis explained that when she landed a role in Tootsie, she befriended Dustin Hoffman who gave her a very useful piece of advice.

Hoffman warned Davis who was a Victoria’s Secret model not to sleep with her co-stars. He told Davis to use the following clever line when a male star tries to get her in his bed:

“He said, ‘Your co-stars are gonna hit on you and you should not to sleep with your co-stars, it’s not a good idea… So here’s what to say: When they hit on you say, ‘I would love to… but I’m afraid it would ruin the sexual tension between us’.”

While filming the movie, Nicholson, Davis and her agent had few dinners together. The Thelma & Louise actress said:

“My agent happened to know Jack Nicholson really well… so every night we ended up having dinner with Jack Nicholson.”

But at some point, Jack Nicholson had enough of the group dinners and called Davis asking to see her in some of those sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie items she used to model in. Geena Davis told Jimmy Kimmel:

“We come home one day and there’s a message: ‘Geena Davis, call Jack Nicholson…’ He said, ‘Hey Geena, so when’s it gonna happen…?’ I said, ‘Mr. Nicholson, I’m afraid you have the wrong idea’. (He said), ‘Come on, I’ll send a car, come on over’.

She picked up the phone, called Jack Nicholson and finally used the clever line given to her by Dustin Hoffman. Davis revealed:

“I said, ‘Well Mr. Nicholson, I have every hope that… some day we will work together and I would hate to have ruined the sexual tension between us’. He said, ‘Oh my God, where did you get that?'”

Check out Geena Davis’ Jack Nicholson impression below.


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  1. Patriot Mom says:

    She’s a classy lady no matter how you look at it.

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