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September 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ellen Barkin Unretouched Pic

Ellen Barkin unretouched pictures are simply stunning. At the age of 60, Ellen Barkin made the decision to appear in Violet Grey magazine in a series of unretouched black and white photos to make a statement. Barkin’s move is being called bold and sexy by most. Believe it or not, the interview accompanying Barkin’s unfiltered pics is even more daring and revealing.

Ellen Barkin unretouched photo shoot at 60 has gone viral. Barkin is brave and that is the reason why she is not afraid to have her unretouched photos featured in a big magazine.

The New Normal actress appears in Violet Grey’s online magazine The Violet Files in a series of simple yet classy photos that look like they were taken in New York.

Barkin who demanded that her photo spread not be airbrushed, posed doing ordinary things like eating a hamburger.

The Princess Who Had Never Laughed star dared to take few close ups wearing nothing but a bath robe and leaning against a glass window.

The Before Women Had Wings actress also had some fun, striking a fierce pose next to handsome male models in a restaurant while she sipped on an ice cold drink.

The mother-of-two said she asked that her pictures be unretouched for several reasons.

Barkin said that she feels very strong about looking like herself in snapshots.

The New Yorker claimed that she wants the world to see her face as it is, with the wrinkles, the bags under her eyes and the dark spots.

Furthermore, the Drop Dead Gorgeous star is very proud of her looks.

She explained that she takes great care of herself and has a strict beauty regiment to maintain her youthful skin, which consists of wearing a facial mask every night, avoiding makeup as much as possible and always washing her face.

The Tony Award winning entertainer is truly all about realness when it comes to physical appearance, which is the reason why she chopped off her bob for a sixties pixie cut.

It will shock many to find out that the star of the upcoming movies The Cobbler and Hands of Stone had her hair cut off while on the set of a film.

Ellen Barkin said she opted for the short do to prove a point. She had enough of seeing other women her age, under wigs, bangs and extensions trying to hide their faces.

The Enormous Changes at the Last Minute star hopes that others will follow and accept their appearance and tell female fans that aging is normal and it is not that bad.

Ellen Barkin said in the interview she wants her words and her unretouched pictures to make women understand that real beauty is beneath the skin, it is in the heart.

What are your thoughts on Ellen Barkin unretouched pics?


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  1. rose says:

    this is BS you can see her eye make(eye liner & lipstick) she is not MAKE UP FREE!!! Lets see a picture of her right out of bed in the morning. these photos could be touched up. I’m not buying it…

    • cris says:

      Are my eyes deceiving me? WHERE in this article did it say she was MAKE-UP free? It said the photo’s were unretouched, but NOWHERE did I see where it said MAKE-UP free!? You sure sound enveloped in your “hate”. Do you personally know this woman to be so affected? Wow. And the fact that you were UP at 4:11 a.m. hatefully TROLLING tells people all they need to know about YOUR pathetic existence.

    • Nancy says:

      permanent makeup eye liner and lip outlined I have it too and look great when I get out of bed

  2. Marsi says:

    I agree with Rose. She’s fully made up but the photos aren’t photoshopped. Very misleading to say the least.

  3. joan gallo says:

    if she thinks she looks so good, why black/white? why not have untouched photos taken in color? black/white hides A LOT. just sayin’

  4. joan gallo says:

    in addition to my previous comment saying black/white hides A LOT, don’t get me wrong, I always loved Ellen Barkin, I think she’s a great actress and I always found her to be sexy (in her younger years), I’m sure she still looks great at 60, hard to tell in black/white photos. I just think she should have gone untouched with color photos which shows your true self.

  5. Gary says:

    Ellen I believe has always had a mysterious beauty about her. She may not be a glamorous looking star but certainly a natural sexy lady. Years back and more now. You Go Ellen Gary

  6. Sarah says:

    It is good that she is trying to bring out a positive message.

  7. Cici says:

    I love Barkin, but she’s had a helluva lot of plastic surgery on her face. That’s no secret.

  8. kathy says:

    she still looks like shi!..omg ..fugly

  9. Miguel says:

    So this is how we define “brave” these days? Hilarious.

  10. Shesaid says:

    Of course, she had things done, at least she is trying to promote healthy self image now.

  11. vicky gilliam says:

    she looks beautiful. so what if she has on eye makeup as one comment stated,,,she is not hiding her face. i too find it ridiculous for older women to have 20lbs of hair on their heads & bangs to their top lip to hide what everyone knows is under all that…aging! ellen barkin is brave & beautiful! i think it means alot that she did the photos because it shows to us that a woman who could easily afford plastic surgery chooses to show us beauty doesnt have to come from plastic surgery. thank you ellen barkin for being a real woman & showing women that they too can be beautiful.

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