Couple Found Dead In Hotel Room: Family, Friends React

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Couple Found In Hotel Dead

Couple found dead in Staten Island hotel room, allegedly committed suicide. Scott Jacobi and Theresa Mateo, a young couple from Staten Island were found by employees of the Hilton Garden Inn hotel dead, lying in bed still hugging each other. Police believe the couple who was going through some personal and financial problems may have overdosed.

A couple from New York was found at the Hilton Garden Inn lying in bed in each other arms, dead, after a suicide pact.

On Friday at around 12:50 PM, a staff member of the Hilton Garden Inn was asked to go talk to Theresa Mateo and Scott Jacobi who had rented a room on Wednesday and failed to check out on time.

After several unanswered knocks on the room’s door, the worker of Hilton Garden Inn got in to find the duo from Staten Island dead, in bed, fully clothed and cradling each other.

Police officers were immediately called to the crime scene.

Authorities stated that no blood, guns and drugs were found near Scott Jacobi, 37, and Theresa Mateo, 34 bodies.

It is believed that the lovers who were dating for about 8 months had a suicide pact.

Jacobi and Mateo who was a controller at the Rogosin Institute did not leave any suicide notes explaining their decision for their love ones.

Family members and friends of the duo are saddened and confused by the deaths.

One of Scott Jacobi’s relatives who did not wish to reveal his name said the couple was having some financial problems.

Theresa Mateo’s mother Linda Marcangelo Miressi revealed that her daughter had been depressed after going through a difficult relationship with her former boyfriend.

Mateo’s neighbor and friend who wished the remain nameless said that the woman was always talking about not being able to find a good man.

Tom Miressi who is Theresa Mateo’ older brother issued a statement on the passing of his sister that read.

“My family and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and sympathies during this tragic time. I am at a loss for words and I’m sorry I cannot answer everyone’s texts, phone calls, and emails right away. My family and I are finalizing the arrangements and trying to get back to everyone as best we can.I’ll post the funeral arrangements for my little sister Theresa Mateo sometime this evening or tomorrow morning once it’s finalized.”

Miressi has revealed that Theresa Mateo’s funeral will be held on July 29th at the Sisto Funeral Home in Bronx, New York.

The family is asking to honor Mateo’s love of children by making a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Hudson Valley Chapter.


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  1. Pete Potenza says:

    What cowards. Living is the hard part. I am Pete Potenza from Garfield,NJ. The king of all webs and a fat bastaard.

  2. Missy says:

    Life is so precious and sacred. There are people fighting to live every single day and these two decided they’re better than that and we’re supposed to feel, what? Sympathy? Sorry, no.
    I am sorry to both families, that is awful that they did this to you. Stop blaming other people for what they chose to do. They chose to end their lives. No one caused that but themselves.

  3. Johnny says:

    Typical young americans giving up on life and quitting so easily. There is no excuse for them to commit suicide. These young people nowadays need to read ‘Americas greatest generation’ and see the strength and love of life these americans had even their darkest hours. We as a people will never be as great as this country once was.

  4. mr atheist says:

    Well folks Yet another suicide that religion caused. The universe doesn’t care if ya kill yourself or take a sh*t. But bible thumpers think they will meet the invisible guy if they off themselves. I enjoy everyday of life as an atheist and am dang proud. YEEEEEEHAWWWWWWW!!!

    • sam says:

      I don’t see religion mentioned in the article, mr atheist. What are you talking about?

    • Anthony says:

      mr atheist, I have to agree with you that religion causes people to do insane things and believe outrageous claims as well as follow rituals. Look at how cults are in. I want no part of it. As far as what you say regarding Bible thumpers, I can see where your point is because I used to feel that way about the Living Word. My faith in the Lord is based on factual events that happened 2,000 years ago but I was chomping at the bit for a long time. Every prophecy about Jesus has been fulfilled except what is included in the Book of Revelation which is to come. The likelihood of just eight prophecies being fulfilled by a regular man is 1 X 10 to the twenty-eighth power (Pasadena City College). I am not trying to convince you of anything but simply put, my faith is not a leap. It is a walk of faith. I wanted answers before I came to Christ because that’s how I think. The fact is I don’t know if people who commit suicide get to meet the Lord. However, I am sure these people are suffering mentally in some capacity. I believe that God sees these people through because my father-in-law committed suicide and he went from normal thinking to childish and paranoid in two weeks. He was very involved in civic activities including church and he was a pillar of his community with a beautiful family. Only God knows why people do this. I wish you nothing but happiness and peace. If being an atheist is working for you, fantastic! I am very tolerant of people today because that’s how I would want to be treated. I am also busting at the seams with gratitude because my life has been reborn in Jesus. I hope you get to experience the joy that is Jesus one day. If you don’t, that’s totally up to you. Either way, thanks for your honesty.

    • Daniel says:

      I am an athiest too, but no where in this article does it mention their religious beliefs. People like you are the main reason athiests get the bad rep. Have all the beliefs you want, just stop shoving them down peoples throat. Unless you like being in the same category as people like the West Borrow baptist church. We say “One nation under god” in our pledge of allegiance, big deal. People wish you a Merry Christmas, grow the F up and move on. How was that offensive? We have way bigger issues in this country than to give a damn about how people are greeted. No one is forcing you to do anything that goes against your own beliefs so let others enjoy theirs. Then again, people like you have bomb shelters.

  5. T L Gonda says:

    Very sad. She was so pretty. Sending prayers to all…

  6. sam says:

    Who is the girl in the picture? What does she have to do with the article?

  7. Mama Bear says:

    My heart breaks for their families, and they have my heartfelt condolences.Depression is a very real and very frightening illness. I was in a relationship for 9 years with a man who was severely depressed. I was always worried that even with counseling and medications he would not be able to pull himself out of that black cloud and would end up killing himself. I ended the relationship several years ago and moved out of state, but have remained in close contact with him, just to be that bridge to encouragement that he so desprately needs.

  8. ANNE OWEN says:

    Too bad it came to that,maybe they did not want to reach out for help, it would have been available for them. The Lord gives, and the Lord taketh away. So sad for the loved ones left to wonder, and grieve. Who knows what is in peoples hearts and minds. Sympathy for the families.

  9. Lynne says:

    G0D be with in this time of great sorrow.Losing a child is the a heartbreak I would not wish on anyone.Hold each other close and please do not try to make sense out of something that does not make sense.Praying for you all.

  10. Suitsme says:

    My nephew and his girlfriend had a suicide pack. He was only 16 and in the early stages of Schizophrenia, she was from a different culture which views suicide differently. I am sad every day that he couldn’t see the light of life. She lived to try another time by jumping from the 6th floor of the hospital. I have lost too many friends to suicide.
    Judging people or negative remarks serves no purpose. Until a family member succumbs to mental illness you will never know the pain especially if you did everything humanly possible to get them help.
    Help is expensive even with insurance.

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