Chrisley Knows Best Son Absence: Todd Chrisley Talks Son’s Absence From The Show

December 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Chrisley Knows Best‘s star addresses son’s absence from the reality series. Todd Chrisley has revealed that his son, Kyle Chrisley, is currently battling bipolar disorder and should not be on a reality series.


Chrisley Knows Best‘s star talks about his son’s absence from the USA series. Self-made millionaire, Todd Chrisley, has decided to open up on why his son, Kyle Chrisley, will not be appearing on his hit reality series, Chrisley Knows Best.

The series is filmed in Roswell, Georgia, north of Atlanta and it focuses on Todd Chrisley, his wife, Julie, their five children, and the countless dramas this rich family goes through, like having a young daughter run off with a married man and; a son, who abandoned his baby girl and his girlfriend to marry another woman.

Todd Chrisley, who is estranged from Kyle Chrisley, explained that his son is bipolar and has refused to take the proper medication. The Chrisley patriarch went on to add that Kyle should not have his dirty laundry exposed to the world at the moment. The reality star said:

“This is my son who I love dearly. I don’t want his personal business scattered across the world when he’s got a daughter that we’re raising that is going to have to read this years down the road.”

He went on to add:

“When you have a child that deals with that, today I’m your best friend, tomorrow, you don’t know who I am.. As a family, it’s our job is to continue to love him and pull him through.”

The father of five revealed that the 24-year-old could be featured in the third season of Chrisley Knows Best if he stops using drugs and go to rehab to get the proper help he needs.

Do not expect a happy reunion between the Chrisley men anytime soon. Kyle Chrisley said that his parents took his 2-year-old daughter, Chloe, to live with them because it looks good on TV.

He also called his father a snake, a liar, and added:

‘This show has been nothing but bad for me.At this point he’s ruined me and he’s ruined the other three kids he’s had who are spoiled.”

Chloe’s mother, Angela Johnson, who was physically abused by Kyle during season 1 of the series is thankful that the Chrisleys are helping her after being abandoned by the man she once loved.

Todd Chrisley’s son absence from Chrisley Knows Best is addressed in the clip below.


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  1. anne says:

    Reality shows (which are not really reality) because they are choreographed just like a movie or dance are infamous for breaking people and families apart and down. Todd Chrisley should never have allowed his son Kyle to be on the show, knowing he had drug & alcohol problems and bi-polar depression. You could tell Kyle did not like being on the show. You could tell he felt picked on and less then, by having his drug problems, girlfriend problems and daughter exposed on national television. It wasn’t fair to him and Todd Chrisley should have known this

  2. John Howe says:

    Truly one of the dumbest programs ever allowed on television.

  3. Kevin says:

    Does anyone else think this guy is hiding the fact that he’s gay. I mean if he were it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s just I’m tired of seeing these bible belt “Christians” act as if no one can tell.

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