Charles Manson Afton Elaine Burton Married: Manson, 80, Has A New Bride, 26

December 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Charles Manson, Afton Elaine Burton are officially married and she has been flaunting her wedding ring to prove it. Afton Elaine Burton wants the single ladies out there to know that Charles Manson is off the market, and has therefore flashed her ring as much she can during an outing over the weekend.

Charles Manson Afton Elaine Burton

Charles Manson, Afton Elaine Burton are now husband and wife. On Saturday, Afton Elaine Burton, aka Star, the 26-year-old woman, who is obsessed with the mass murderer, was seen braving the rain outside of her California home to give paparazzi the opportunity to snap photos of her wedding ring.

Afton Elaine Burton was seen in a bright red coat in Corcoran making all kinds of gestures in order to prove her point – she is a married woman to a man who killed seven people!

Burton, who has been in love with Manson since she was a teenager, filed for a marriage license on November 7. It is believed that the duo wed during the Thanksgiving holiday, or over the weekend in front of a very small group of friends.

Despite their undying love for each other, Charles Manson and Afton Elaine Burton will never be allowed to consummate their marriage since the 80-year-old’s life in prison sentence, bans him from receiving conjugal visits, according to California Department of Corrections spokesman, Jeffrey Callison.

Burton, who moved from Illinois to California to be closer to the cult leader, previously stated:

“I’m completely with him, and he’s completely with me. It’s what I was born for, you know. I don’t know what else to say”

Mrs Afton Elaine Burton-Manson plans to spend the rest of her life fighting to get her husband out of prison. Burton hopes that people will stop focusing on the series of murders that Manson and his “Family” carried out in 1969 and discover the man, who is determined to save the environment.

What are your thoughts on the Charles Manson, Afton Elaine Burton wedding?


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  1. Michael Zipp says:

    Ridiculous! How much did that cost the taxpayers?

  2. vaunnette fairbank says:

    She’s an ignorant little girl.

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