Bindi Irwin Boyfriend: Friends With Luke Reavley, 24, Says Bindi, 16, No Dating

August 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bindi Irwin Boyfriend Friends

Bindi Irwin says Luke Reavley, 24, is not her boyfriend they are just friends. Bindi has issued a statement to explain that Reavley is not her boyfriend, but they are best friends who like to hang out and have fun. The rumors of the Englishman being Irwin’s boyfriend started after she posted pictures of him on Instagram and wrote him a touching birthday message.

A rep for Bindi is quashing the boyfriend rumors flying around the internet, by saying that Reavley and the daughter of Steve Irwin are just great friends. So how did the world assume that Irwin had a boyfriend?

Few Instagram pictures and sweet words are to be blamed for the controversial relationship talks.

Last month, Bindi Irwin, 16, took to her Instagram page where she posted a photo of herself on a mountain top with Luke Reavley, who was celebrating his 24th birthday.

Irwin used the caption to reveal to the world that Reavley is her best friend and she misses him when he is away.

Bindi Irwin Boyfriend Friends Pictures

Few days later, the 24-year-old man who works as an executive assistance at the Australia Zoo owned by the Irwin family shared a picture of himself, next to the teenager standing in front of a beautiful lake.

The Englishman who used to work with the elephants and was upgraded to assistant after the animals left the zoo, captioned the pic:

“Blessed to have you in my life.”

That quote and the pictures prompted several magazines to publish a steamy story about Bindi and her much older boyfriend.

One tabloid claimed that the pair has been friends for several years but as of recently the friendship grew into romance.

The mag went to reveal that the lovers were seen getting cozy as they dined at Byron Bay.

A representative for the Irwin family, quickly stepped out to deny the claims.

The spokesperson revealed that Luke has been an assistant for the family since 2007 and is very close to Terri and Bindi, and while they are close friends, they are not dating.

Many believe despite the age gap, that Luke is Bindi Irwin’s boyfriend, the rep is pushing the “friends” story because it is not good PR for the wholesome little girl who loves animals image.


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  1. Richard Herb says:

    Even if she spreadit for him, its not a crime because the age of consent is 16 there, so the cops cant do anything.

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