Austrian Brothel Gives Free Alcohol And Sex In Protest Of High Taxes

June 15, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Austrian brothel is offering free everything – free entrance, free sex, and free alcohol – because they are tired of taxation without representation. Hermann Mueller, owner of the famous Pascha brothel in Vienna, plans to keep the protest going for eight weeks because he feels frustrated for paying over $5 million in taxes.

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An Austrian brothel offers free booze and sex and, of course, the story goes viral. Hermann Mueller, who owns Pascha brothels in Germany (Cologne and Munich) and in Austria (Salzburg and Linz), claims that he has paid close to $5 million in taxes over the past decade and he is fed up.

The original Pascha brothel earned the title of the largest brothel in Europe and is:

…a 12-storey 9,000-square-meter brothel in Cologne, Germany where “normal women” are not allowed – expect for Mother’s Day of course. With about 120 prostitutes (mainly from Germany, Russia and Nigeria), over 80 employees and up to 1000 customers per day. Senior citizens above the age of 66 get half off. The brothel promises money-back guarantee in the case of unsatisfactory service by a prostitute. One floor is reserved for low-cost service and another one for transsexual prostitutes.

On the official website of the Pascha brothel, it reads:

“We are not paying taxes any more. Effective immediately: Free Entrance! Free Drinks! Free Sex!”

The offer is valid for eight weeks and has attracted thousands of men from all over Europe, who would normally pay at least $50 plus tax for intercourse and oral sex.

Local media outlets revealed that there are long lines in front of the premises, and hundreds of regular clients have been turned away because they have no available rooms. He went on to confirm to the Oesterreich newspaper:

“Hundreds of disappointed customers had to be turned away since the summer special up.”

Hermann Mueller explained his decision to protest by saying:

“In the last decade I have paid taxes of almost €5 million.The problem is, the tax office wants more and more, and they are not cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution.”

According to the Austrian government, a majority of women, who take part in illegal prostitution, have multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

While Mueller might be a pimp, he is a fair one, he has decided to pay the prostitutes during the eight weeks of protest. The brothel owner will be paying the workers 10,000 euros ($11,270) a month from his own pocket.

What are thoughts on the Austrian brothel’s free sex idea?


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