Ariana Grande Big Brother: Frankie Comes Clean About His Famous Sister On Big Brother 16

August 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ariana Grande Big Brother Photo

Ariana Grande’s name finally made a cameo on “Big Brother 16,” in a way that could impact the rest of the season. Frankie Grande, has finally decided to come out to his “Big Brother” cast mates and reveal that singer Ariana Grande is his sister and he is a Youtube star. The “Problem” singer took to Twitter to show support for her brother by saying that the move might keep him in the “Big Brother” house for another week.

Ariana Grande’s older brother has taken the decision to share his true identity with the remaining cast members of “Big Brother 16.”

The big revelation took place Thursday night after the house was turned upside down by a shocking double elimination.

The flamboyant star whose real name is Frank James Michael Grande Marchione, gathered the contestants in a room and explained that he has been lying to them for the past weeks.

The 31-year-old said that the passing of his grandfather makes him see things differently and he would like to reveal that he is Ariana’s half bother.

Mr Grande went on to give his resume and shared that he has produced several successful Broadway plays (Hamlet starring Jude Law, La Bête with David Hyde Pierce in the main role, and Born Yesterday with Jim Belushi and Brooke Shields’ one-woman cabaret show.)

He is a also an internet sensation with half of million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channel and he plans to donate his winning to a charity that builds schools in Africa.

The announcement received mixed reactions. Victoria was over the moon by the news because she loves Ariana.

Caleb was thrilled because he is certain that Grande will introduce him to Justin Bieber.

Cody who was recently stabbed in the back by Frankie is not so sure about the move.

As for Marchione’s lover Zach, he was unfazed by what he heard and will most likely use it to get him kicked out of the reality show.

Ariana Grande Big Brother 16

Ariana Grande and Julie Chen pictured at Big Brother’s live eviction show on August 8th.

Ariana who has been writing and supporting her brother under the name Ari, was happy that the dancer decided to be honest with the other contestants. Miss Grande who recently ended her romance with Jai Brooks tweeted:

“Frankie might’ve just saved his game tonight!!! werrk @FrankieJGrande! told his whole truth & apologized for playing dirty like a man. proud”

Let us all be honest, the only reason, Frankie decided to tell the others that Ariana Grande is his sister is because he knows almost every contestant on Big Brother is hungry to become wealthy but most importantly famous.

He is Ariana’s bother, he hangs out with big names like Bieber and he is therefore their ticket to Hollywood.


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  1. ZackAttack says:

    Frankie is a joke! People really need to buy live feeds or read it online so you can be updated on what’s been happening. Basically, the whole house knew Frankie used his sister as a diversion to get the attention away from him. That alone turned the housemates (especially Victoria) even more against Frankie. No one in the house likes him anymore because of all the unnecessary lies he has told all the housemates. Although I totally ship Zack and Frankie (#teamZankie) I like Zack more than I do Frankie, so I can’t wait for Frankie to be evicted.

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