Amy Schumer Blasted For Short Show: Comedian Apologizes For ‘Rookie Mistake’

November 14, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Amy Schumer apologized for a short show that lasted about 40 minutes in Maine, blaming it on a “rookie mistake.” Via social media, fans of Schumer have been venting their frustration, and some are even asking for a refund.

amy schumer short show

A short show from Amy Schumer has some of her fans calling her a Trainwreck because they paid big bucks to see her live and she did not deliver. On Saturday, the Inside Amy Schumer star performed a standup comedy show at the Cross Insurance Arena located in Portland, Maine.

Miss Schumer arrived on time and delivered an entertaining show, but the hundreds of people, who paid almost $100 to see the star were very unhappy when she left the stage after less than 50 minutes. The Reality Bites Back actress said the show was supposed to last more than an hour, but she had to shorten her performance because another event was scheduled right after her.

Via social media, Schumer has apologized to her fans, who were angered by the brief standup. She tweeted:

“Loved the first crowd in Portland. Felt short to me too. Had to keep the show under 70 mins to move the next crowd in.”

She went on to call the incident a “rookie mistake” for accepting to book a gig when she knew there was not enough time to complete the show. She added:

“While I was onstage it was a great show and the crowd was awesome. I love performing. It felt weird to get offstage and them people on Twitter were like, ‘That is?’ and I was like, ‘I knew it felt short. I feel horrible about it.”

Some of her fans claimed the show ran less than 30 minutes and want their money back. On person tweeted: “Amy phoned it in and left.”

Another wrote that he loved the show, but he felt like he was cheated of his hard-earned money and added:

“We really thought you were coming back out for an encore. 45 mins too short for headliner. Loved the show, disappointed so short.”

Richard Machlin, who attended the show, contacted the Portland Press Herald, and said he wants his $80 back, and thus far the Arena management nor the comedian are ready to pay. Via Twitter Machlin shared:

“Have seldom felt so ripped off at a show. Who do I contact for a refund? Disgraceful.”

Would you pay $80 to see Amy Schumer for 30 minutes?


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