Ali Landry And Alejandro Gomez Monteverde Face Family Tragedy: Actress’ In-Laws Slain

September 28, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ali Landry is dealing with a family tragedy of epic proportions. It has been confirmed by Mexican authorities that Landry’s father-in-law and brother-in-law were kidnapped and killed despite the fact that the family paid a large ransom to the criminals.

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Ali Landry and her husband, Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, who directed the film Little Boy, are mourning the horrific deaths of two beloved family members.

In a brief statement issued by Mexican authorities, it has been revealed that Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s father, Manuel Gómez Fernández, and his brother, Juan Manuel Gómez Monteverde, were kidnapped by a group of criminals with links to the Mexican drug cartels.

The kidnappings occurred on September 4 while the pair was leaving Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. According to the U.S. government, Tamaulipas is one the most dangerous areas of the country where government employees are forced to live under a tight curfew due to the excess of crimes taking place.

Run by brutal cartels and gang members, Tamaulipas has become infamous for the high number of tourists, who are kidnapped and often killed for ransom. In May of 2015, the State Department issued a travel warning for Americans thinking about going to or just passing through Tamaulipas. It read:

Defer all non-essential travel to the state of Tamaulipas. Throughout the state violent crime, including homicide, armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, extortion, and sexual assault, pose significant safety risks. State and municipal law enforcement capacity is limited to nonexistent in many parts of Tamaulipas. Violent conflicts between rival criminal elements and/or the Mexican military can occur in all parts of the region and at all times of the day. Violent criminal activity occurs more frequently along the northern border. While no highway routes through Tamaulipas are considered safe, the highways between Matamoros-Ciudad Victoria, Reynosa-Ciudad Victoria…are more prone to criminal activity. Organized criminal groups sometimes target public and private passenger buses traveling through Tamaulipas. These groups sometimes take all passengers hostage and demand ransom payments.

According to Veracruz state prosecutor, Luis Angel Bravo Contreras, the bodies of Ali Landry’s in-laws were found in El Chachalaco, Pueblo Viejo on September 19th.

Both deaths have been ruled as homicides and Contreras has revealed that the men sustained traumatic brain injuries. A vehicle belonging to the killers has been located near the Texas border; police are hoping to find evidence that will lead to their capture. According to reports, the family did pay a hefty ransom to the kidnappers in exchange for their loved ones.

Landry nor her husband have commented on the sad story. Eduardo Verastegui, the producer of Little Boy and a close friend of Monteverde, took to Twitter to share his condolences. He wrote:

“With a heart full of pain and sadness, I ask for prayers for my friend and ‘compadre’ Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and all of his family. My deepest condolences to my soul brother, I love you so much ‘compadre,’ I put my heart in your hands and I join you in this deep pain.”

Below is a touching picture of Landry’s spouse with his father whom he called his best friend, life mentor, and the wisest man he knows.

With a man I admire very much; Pope Francis.

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  1. Karen says:

    I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through at this very difficult time. It is unimaginable. You and your family will be in my prayers. God Bless!

  2. Debra says:

    Prayers for your husbands family. Mexico has some of the most evil people on the planet.

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