Vanessa Hudgens Waterfall, Hawaii Vacation Pictures Will Make You Jealous

June 25, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Brag

Vanessa Hudgens waterfall pictures will take you breath away. Vanessa Hudgens is making headlines today for two reasons, for looking stunning in a tiny bikini and for bragging that she hiked 8 miles to visit a breathtaking waterfall in the Hawaiian mountains. Vanessa Hudgens is currently vacationing and exploring the wonders of Kaua’i, Hawaii with family members and friends before returning to Los Angeles to promote her upcoming movie Kitchen Sink.

Some people like to lay back, relax and sip piña colada when they are on vacation, Vanessa Hudgens is certainly not one of them.

Miss Vanessa Hudgens who is currently holidaying with her sister Stella Hudgens and her boyfriend Alec Holden shared a series of photos on her Instagram account where she chronicled their extraordinary adventures in Kaua’i, Hawaii.

The Spring Breakers actress posted a gorgeous picture of herself in a black and white bikini with her ombre hair flowing on her back.

While Hudgens looked fabulous, the picture’s background which was a marvelous waterfall was giving her a tough competition.

The Thunderbirds star explained that the clan had to walk 8 long miles in the dense jungles of Na Pali to get to the majestic river and waterfall.

The “Party on the Moon” singer shared:

“Best 8 mile hike companions. We are the sugar loaf trifecta. You can’t mess with us @stellahudgens @alecholden trucking thru the Na Pali coast.The Na Pali coast. So stunning.The 8 mile hike paid off.”

The 25-year-old California girl who is touring the topical island without her boyfriend Austin Butler shared on social media that she also had the opportunity to go zip lining and got to enjoy the famous sandy beaches of Hawaii.

The Hudgens sisters who look almost like twins have been doing some retail shopping by the look of things.

Both actresses were photographed wearing crop tops, shredded jeans and bracelets and shark tooth pendants that they most-likely purchased on one of the islands’ local market.


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