Tasha Smith Death Threats: Actress’ Husband Keith Douglas Gets Restraining Order After Death Threats

November 8, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tasha Smith made death threats against husband, Keith Douglas, which prompted him to get a restraining order. There is one major problem with this story, Smith and Douglas are currently living together. So, a judge has ordered Smith to stay 2 yards away from Douglas.

tasha smith death threats

Tasha Smith made death threats against Keith Douglas, this situation has prompted a judge to make a very bizarre decision.

Smith has appeared in numerous Tyler Perry movies, where she always plays a crazy and angry wife/girlfriend who drives her partners to the mad house. As it turned out, she might really be as ratchet as her characters.

According to TMZ, Keith Douglas recently got a restraining order against the Why Did I Get Married actress. Douglas claimed that Tasha Smith made death treats against him in front of his children.

Mr Douglas shared that Smith is an alcoholic who told him on numerous occasions that she will either kill him or hire someone to do it. The site reported:

Douglas claims Smith flies into booze-fueled rages … and that she’s threatened to kill him … or get people to hurt him, even warning him to “not fall asleep or something will happen.”

Keith also claims Smith — who currently stars in “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” — threatened him in front of his kids … and he’s had to flee to escape her wrath.

While Douglas has obtained a restraining order against his wife of 4 years, there is one major hiccup – the pair still lives in the same house.

Therefore, the restraining states that Tasha Smith has to be at least 2 yards away from Douglas at all time while inside the home. And when they are not home, Smith is required to stay 100 yards away from her soon-to-be ex-husband. TMZ.com added:

The judge didn’t want to order Smith to leave the house … at least not until there’s a full hearing. So Douglas got his restraining order … even though a 2-yard stay away sounds kind of ridiculous.

The death threats allegations are very surprising because in 2013, Tasha Smith conducted several interviews claiming to be in love and eager to start a family with her husband.

A close source to Smith did step out to blast the alcoholism rumors, but had no comment on the death threats.


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  1. Inspiredone says:

    well who knows, Sounds messy. Some married couples like to threaten and physically fight each other. I never thought it was a good idea to even act like you are physically fighting via play taking taps with each other
    Some couples like to fight and then have make up sex,,, Don’t know the problem here but they both need to tighten up because they have children. They might find themselves in another court besides divorce court, it is the juvenile courts once the children are removed from their home THIS IS NOTHING TO PLAY WITH,

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