Sofia Vergara Unrecognizable: Sofia As Gloria Shocks Fans With Unrecognizable Makeunder

August 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sofia Vergara Unrecognizable

Sofia Vergara unrecognizable photo with messed up hair, torn clothes and very bad makeup has appeared online. This week, Vergara was unrecognizable as she filmed scenes from her ABC hit show “Modern Family.” Vergara who is known for her impeccable fashion sense, was spotted in old sweat pants, with red lipstick smudged on her lips as she argued with her TV husband Ed O’Neill. Vergara found a clever way to turn her unrecognizable pics into a good PR move.

Sofia Vergara is that really you? On Thursday, Vergara was pictured on the set of her comedy “Modern Family” in Los Angeles and she was unrecognizable. The critically program acclaimed will return on September 24.

The Escape From Planet Earth actress looked like she was having an epic bad hair day.

The mother-of-one who is famous for having perfect beautiful long sandy blonde hair, had her locks in a mess and the wind blew them all over the place.

The CoverGirl spokesperson seemed to have done her makeup without a mirror, for her red lipstick was plastered on her lips and on her face.

Goodbye body hugging dresses and tailored jeans and high heels, here is the new downgraded version of Sofia.

Vergara who plays the hilarious and feisty Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, on the program sported a torn t-shirt, washed out sweat pants with a sweater tied around her waist and crocs.

The 42-year-old model was spotted at times having a heated argument with her on-screen husband Ed O’Neill.

The Big Trouble actress used the funny photo to promote Head & Shoulders.

The shrewd business mogul who has appeared in several commercials for the anti-dandruff shampoo, did a an interesting photo montage.

In the before photo, the Colombian star looked like a homeless person, while in the after version she looks stunning in a blue dress, luscious hair and great makeup while holding a bottle shampoo.

On the picture she wrote Gracias Head & Shoulders, which is Spanish for thank you Head & Shoulders.

Gloria has a baby and according to several rumors Sophia would love to have one too.

The mogul who has a 21-year-old son named Manolo, was thinking about having another child with former fiancé Nick Loeb.

The former couple had spoken about it and she was ready to unfreeze her eggs, but the pair split earlier this year.

According to an insider Vergara who is now dating Joe Manganiello is still hoping to become a mom for a second time.

Manganiello is said to be opened to the idea and the busy star is making time in her hectic schedule to try to get pregnant this year.

What do you think of Sofia Vergara’s unrecognizable look?


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