Sharon Stone On Her ‘Fine Triple Crème Brie’ Assets

July 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sharon Stone Brie

Sharon Stone brie comment has nothing to do with food. Sharon Stone claimed that her derriere looks like French triple créme brie. Stone claimed that at the age of 56 sometimes she does not feel like sweating on the treadmill, lifting weights and doing squats. But there are consequence when she stops exercising – her toned and perky butt drops like triple créme brie. The actress is hoping that the paparazzi will have mercy on her when she sports a bikini on vacation and avoid taking pictures of her cellulite.

Sharon Stone brie comparison may boost the sales of the fancy cheese.

“Magnum, P.I.” actress Sharon Stone did an interview with E!’s Marc Malkin earlier this week who talked to her about her amazing bikini picture plastered on the March issue of Shape Magazine.

The 56-year-old star from Pennsylvania looked stunning in a yellow bikini which she attempted to cover with a black mesh top.

When Malkin asked Stone about her exercise routine, the mother-of-three gave a surprising answer.

Stone explained that she has not been exercising in a while because she is not in the mood for it.

The Oscar nominated star went to add that she plans to go on holiday soon and she fears that pathetic looking pictures of her butt will surface on the internet.

The funny lady said that she is aware that many will ask what happened to her sexy physique, why does her derriere look like a bag of cheese and if she was given the opportunity she would reply by saying that her ass is like fine triple crème brie!

The controversial movie producer went on to warn the paparazzi who plan to get close ups of her butt.

They will discover her secret tattoo that reads “You wish you could get a bite of this.”

The He Said, She Said actress shared that when she is not in a lazy mood she hits her local gym and works out like a beast.

She unveiled a series of well known tips to look good, eat healthy, swim, ride a bike and be discipline by doing these things everyday.


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