Selena Gomez Brave Bikini Picture Is Orange Hot

June 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Selena Gomez Brave Bikini

Selena Gomez brave bikini picture makes a powerful and bold fashion statement. Selena Gomez shares brave bikini picture and the internet goes wild for how smoking hot she is. Via her Instagram account Selena Gomez unveiled a sexy photo of herself in a bikini and captioned it “soy valiente,” which means “I’m brave” in Spanish. Indeed Selena Gomez needs to be brave to continue dating controversial singer Justin Bieber.

Earlier today, 21-year-old entertainer Selena Gomez posted a hot selfie on Instagram where she can be seen in an orange bikini.

Sitting down pool side, Selena Gomez looked gorgeous and relaxed in the bandeau top and sun glasses.

Selena Gomez who might have been swimming, fixed her hair into two braids in order to be comfortable and free.

Miss Gomez captioned the sensational bikini photo: “soy valiente,” which is Spanish for “I’m brave.”

The “brave” bikini selfie has gone viral with many of her fans wondering why is she making that statement.

The singer and actress might be sending out a message to the people who have been blasting her for rekindling her romance with Canadian star Justin Bieber.

The on-again-and-off-again couple showed the world they were definitely lovers again during two very public outings.

Over the weekend Bieber and Gomez were seen at Los Angeles Zoo accompanied by police officers who protected them from mobs of fans.

Later on the duo was spotted while exiting a theater at the Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles after watching the hit comedy Think Like a Man Too.

While leaving the movie hall Bieber and Gomez put on a very public display of affection.

The crooner had his head on the diva’s shoulder while she was seen rubbing his back as they made their way to their car.

Gomez was called crazy and stupid for getting back with Bieber who was dubbed a man child and a psychopath.


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  1. Rusten McKeag says:

    I’m on stumbleupon as 4leave-cloveHook so in my opinion is Selena Gomez the prettiest girl I ever seen and if you ever notice in one of her songs which is I cannot give out that information ha-ha I’m joking, anyway the song not coming to me now so I will move on. The blowing of her hair in the breezy wind as she sing the song give her the amazing look when you stare in her eyes and there’s a glow of grace like when the sun shine on a rose, will Selena is the rose and as the glow hover over her evertime as she smile from her lips.

  2. Russ says:

    Saving somebody who fell through lake ice is brave. Pulling a baby out of a burning building is brave. I’ll even say on some level that drinking milk 3 days past the expiration date is gutsy. Wearing a bathing suit on vacation from your own private balcony is not brave. Can we stop this nonsense where everybody has to be heroic and brave for normal things or what you are supposed to do as a human? This is the kind of thing that happens when you give out ribbons for showing up, big trophies for last place and pet a person for cleaning up after their own mess. Just knock it off already.

    Brave is wearing sunglasses that cost $600, a swimstuit that costs $295 from a vacation suite of $2500 a night thinking that you are inspirational. Either that or just clueless and out of touch.

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