Selena Gomez Turns 22, Parties With Cara Delevingne, Tommy Chiabra

July 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Selena 22 Birthday

Selena 22nd birthday bash included bikinis, a yacht, a giant chocolate cake and a new man named Tommy Chiabra. Selena Gomez turned 22 on July 22nd and she celebrated the special day with a group of friends including Cara Delevingne in France. Miss Selena rang in 22 with a man by her side and it was not Justin Bieber. The singer received loads of birthday wishes from her fans and her BFF Taylor Swift.

It seems just yesterday she used to be in “Barney & Friends,” and now Selena Gomez is 22 years of age.

After a hectic promotional tour through Europe to push her new film Rudderless, Gomez settled in St Tropez, France to rest and celebrate her 22nd birthday.

The Texan beauty who was born on July 22nd, partied on a luxury yacht with a handful of girlfriends including British model and wild child Cara Delevingne.

Paparazzi snapped some rather scandalous photos of Delevingne who is bisexual getting quite cozy with Gomez who was showing off her hot bikini body.

The singer’s interest in the model did not last very long, for she was also spotted in a black and white vintage bikini getting very friendly with a mysterious man, Justin Bieber must be so angry right now.

A little digging, revealed that Selena Gomez was seen hugging and cuddling an Italian business man named Tommy Chiabra who made millions with Royal Yacht Supplies that he started in 2011.

After tanning and diving, the diva and her gal pals had fun parasailing and dancing at the region’s hottest nightspot Villa Romana.

According to the Behaving Badly actress it was the best birthday party ever.

Via Instagram she revealed that she had a giant chocolate cake for the event, lots of fun taking pictures and reading the countless birthday messages she received.

One of those messages came from Taylor Swift who said she was wearing her special necklace with an S pendant in honor of her pal.

Selena 22 Birthday Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez is expected to return to the United States in the upcoming days and continue with her epic 22nd birthday party.


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