Sarah Palin Hits Bill O’Reilly On Sean Hannity’s Show

January 28, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Sarah Palin Bill O’Reilly feud is brewing live on FOX News. Bill O’Reilly made the mistake of slamming Sarah Palin on his nightly show and the former governor appeared on the network moments later to hit him back and hard.

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Do not expect Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly to watch the Super Bowl over a bowl of chili moose. On Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly decided to air a segment where he focused on the many Republicans like Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee who are thinking about running for president in 2016.

Mr O’Reilly explained that he doubts Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, who declared during the Iowa Freedom Summit that they were flirting with the idea, have the organization needed to run a presidential campaign. The host of the O’Reilly Factor said:

“The pair certainly liven up the proceedings but they need effective organizations in 50 states and that’ll be a major challenge for them.”

Few hours later, Palin appeared on Sean Hannity‘s show where she recharged and reloaded at O’Reilly. The former vice presidential candidate revealed:

“On FOX, kind of a quasi or an assumed conservative outlet, we have all day listening to the Ts of Bill O’Reilly. He’s talking about, the guests on his show tonight or the commentary on his show, and that would be all these GOP contenders thinking about running for President, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and he names them off. He says, “Oh what a reality show that would be, yuck, yuck.”

The mama bear went on to add:

“The left doesn’t do that, they take the serious because this is war and hopefully the media, even the quasi, right side of the media, won’t be looking at this as some kind of reality show, a joke because maybe they have … they’re taken care of. They’re fine.”

Sarah Palin also confessed that her teleprompter did freeze at the Iowa Freedom Summit. The tough talking politician stated:

“I don’t read the praise and I don’t read the criticism. … I’m used to teleprompters not working.
Remember the GOP acceptance speech back in ’08? The teleprompter broke there too. It didn’t work, and I kept on going.”

She also took the opportunity to blast those who have criticized Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and the American Sniper film. She said:

“Screw the left in Hollywood! What we do is strengthen our military. We respect our troops and let them – our troops as our gatekeepers – we let them tell jihadists, “Uh-uh, this is our house! Get the hell out”.’

Watch Sarah Palin take on Bill O’Reilly after the jump.


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