San Diego Amber Alert Dad, Daniel Perez Arrested, 4 Children Rescued Safe

December 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

The San Diego Amber Alert father, Daniel Perez, was arrested on Thursday, and his 4 children were rescued and are safe. The body found in the trunk of the family car has been identified as Erica Perez, the mother of the four children.

5 Family Missing Body In Trunk

This is our previous reporting on the San Diego Amber Alert dad, the video of his arrest is below.

5 family members are still missing after the body of the mother was located in a trunk. In a press conference that was held on Thursday, California police revealed that they believe that they have found the body of Erica Perez.

Erica Perez, her husband, Daniel Perez, along with their four sons, Alex Hayden Perez, 6, Tristin Devin Perez, 8, Jaden Eric Perez, 9, and Jordan Dante Perez, 11, from Montebello, California vanished on December 5th.

The family has not been answering their phones and they have not used any credit cards since they disappeared. Daniel Perez is said to be a violent man who often abused his wife.

On Wednesday December 10th, officials with the Montebello Police Department, held a press conference where they delivered some devastating news.

Officers found the body of a female in the Perez family’s Honda Accord. The vehicle was located on Harding Avenue next to Beverly Hospital in Montebello, less than a mile away from the family’s home.

Montebello, police Capt. Luis Lopez did not give much detail about the body. Lopez stated that the basic description of the body was consistent with Erica Perez’s description.

Lopez went on to reveal that he believes that the other 5 family members are in a 2014 black Toyota Camry with California license plate 7FDS891. The law enforcer also stated that Daniel Perez is now considered a person of interest.

Daniel Perez, 43, is Hispanic, 5 feet 10 and 140 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He explained:

“We are concerned for their safety.The biggest concern we have is for the children.”

An Amber Alert was put in effect for Jordan, Jaiden, Tristan and Alex. One relative, Pamela Valdez, spoke to the media and begged Daniel Perez to bring back her nephews home. The weeping woman said:

“You’re breaking our hearts. We don’t know where the kids are, they need us,” “Please bring the kids back, Danny. Please don’t hurt them.”

5 members of a family are still missing and the police are asking anyone with information to cal 911.


About one hour ago, the San Diego Amber Alert dad, Daniel Perez, was arrested and the four children were rescued, they are safe.


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