Phone Catches Fire Under Pillow, Samsung Turns It Into Win

July 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Phone Fire Pillow Picture

Phone catches fire under pillow and Samsung turns all into a PR win by replacing the phone and the pillow. Ariel Tolfree, smoldered her Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow and went to sleep, she was awoken in the middle of the night by the smell of smoke. The teen discovered that the phone had caught on fire and it burned the pillow, the sheet and the mattress. Despite being at fault for not reading the user guide, the company has offered to give Tolfree a new phone and bedding.

Last week, a Texas teenager by the name of Ariel Tolfree, had a very busy night of texting with her friends and decided to slip her Samsung Galaxy S4 phone under her pillow going to sleep.

Few hours later, the 13-year-old was awoken by the smell of smoke and decided to ignore it and go back to bed.

Several minutes later the smell of something burning was unbearable and the young girl was forced to take action.

Ariel Tolfree searched around the room and eventually understood that her pillow was burning.

The smoldered cell phone caught on fire, burned the pillow, the sheet and the mattress.

The teen’s father Thomas Tolfree called the manufacturer that quickly pointed to the user’s guide which warns consumers not to choke off airflow by covering phones with bedding or other material in order to avoid fire.

Mr Tolfree told local media outlets that he believes that the phone battery which was not an original part could have created the fire.

Samsung has asked the Tolfrees to send them to device so they can analyze it.

The company has plans to give Ariel a new phone, pillow and mattress.

The kid has already promised to put the new phone on her nightstand from now on.


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