Pascagoula, Mississippi Playground Beating: AvaLynn, 5, At The Center Of Playground Beating Claims

September 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Pascagoula Mississippi Playground Beating Pic

Pascagoula, Mississippi playground beating is making headlines. A mother took to Facebook where she created a page for her little girl who suffered a horrible beating at school in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The mom claimed that AvaLynn was kicked by another student while on the playground. But both the Pascagoula Police Department and the Pascagoula School District have stated that the student fell and no one hit her.

The beating of 5-year-old girl on a school playground in Pascagoula, Mississippi has pushed her mother to launch a social media campaign. Lacey Harris took to Facebook on Friday, where she launched the Justice for Ava Lynn page.

On the social networking site, the mother posted numerous photos that showed how bad her daughter was injured on the playground.

Harris explained that AvaLynn returned from Arlington Elementary School in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on Tuesday with two black eyes, bruises, a bloody nose, swollen cheeks and possibly a damaged tooth.

The child explained that while on the playground, she received a cruel beating from another student who kicked her repeatedly on the head.

When the mom contacted the Pascagoula School District, she was told no other student was involved in the incident.

School officials explained that the kid fell from the slide and severely injured herself. The Pascagoula School District went on to claim that the children were unsupervised on the playground. So, they have no witnesses to the beating or the fall.

They explained that the child received medical attention after the incident and also announced that they have no plans to investigate the matter.

The mom also contacted the authorities, but they are not helping her either. Pascagoula Police Department Lt. Jim Roe issued a statement where he said that he spoke to the school’s superintendent and they have concluded that no beating took place and AvaLynn is the one who did this to herself.

After being turned away by the cops and the school, the Mississippi woman hired a lawyer and created the Facebook page.

AvaLynn has been getting an outpour of support and love from internet users all over the world.

Some have sent in poems, others pictures and many have donated to her Go Fund Me page.

The mother said she plans to use the money to cover her daughter’s medical bills and travel expenses.

Strangers in Pascagoula who have heard about the brutal beating have stopped the mom in the streets to offer a kind word, a prayer and even donation for a My Little Pony toy.

A few skeptical voices are saying that the Pascagoula, Mississippi playground beating may be a hoax. Those skeptics believe that AvaLynn did fall but the rest of the story was cooked up.


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  1. mrsmcfoster says:

    Fell down a slide? Bull***t. May be the school district didn’t want to take the blame because they weren’t supervising the kids. I’m not a doctor but it looks like some scumbag beat this little girl up.

    • CHERYL says:

      I agree, BULLSH.T, to this. I think when this MOM, gets money from this go fund, I believe she should post a reward. Then put them all around the area which her daughter was beaten up. Someone will open there mouth for money. I believe it was either a child who is older and unstable or it is because this little girl is of mixed race. My thoughts! Poor Baby. I pray this mom, keep look for the people who did this and I would sue the school, the teachers the city and who every else can be accounted for this, BULLSH.T

  2. Yvonne says:

    From the looks of the injuries, she must have fell from the slide more than once. The police should investigate further. Whether she fell or another student did this to her, the school should be held responsible because there was no supervision. NO SCHOOL should EVER leave small children UNSUPERVISED. No wonder more & more people are home schooling their kids. Kids are not safe at school these days. She should sue the HELL out of the school system!!!

  3. gene says:

    I agree, this looks like there is more to this story. And yes, they should be supervised on the play ground. I wonder, what the little girl has to say as to who beat her. She is old enough to have hopefully seen someone. And how about the other kids, MY LAND DIDN’T SOMEONE SEE WHAT HAPPENED. take care little one:)

  4. Phyllis says:

    First of all why are these children unsupervised? Second is if this little girl fell why are there no bruises any where else on her? Third if a doctor was seen what is their opinion on this? Again what kind of school leaves children unsupervised especially with playground equipment? Even if it was a fall it sounds like negligence to me. It all boils down to no supervision either way. No matter what the cause I hope this little girl heals quickly.

  5. B.C. 2014 says:

    WOW, With the amount of trauma to this child’s face, Why weren’t the parents notified sooner than when their child got home from school. With bruises like these, I bet she would have wanted her mom there. I would like to see a picture of the area where she supposedly fell off of the slide to understand how this child could sustain these injuries. I hope that someone does come forward on her behalf. I hope whoever is responsible, BESIDES THE NEGLIGENT SCHOOL STAFF, fesses up. Heal well little angel.

  6. vicki says:

    This is absoloutly outrages. please tell me this child is o.k. I know she will never recover mantally from the most scary thing in her life. I cannnot believe there are kids or people who would do such a thing. I have 2 sons & 2 grandchildren. they were mortified whe they saw this.please hug this baby & tell her we love her as does Jesus!!! GOD BLESS

  7. Kathy says:

    This is terrible! Left alone unsupervised? Are you kidding me?!?!? If that’s the case, then how can they say she fell? And why the heck wasn’t the mom called the second they saw these injuries? I would be freaking out if one of my kids came home looking like this! Prayers to the little girl and her family!

  8. cheche says:

    This is definitely a scam. The school is covering up as well as the police department. Obviously, the police knows someone on the school board or the faculty staff. There is no way a child could have fallen from a slide and created all of the trauma on her face by herself. She would have had to do some incredible maneuvers and somersaults to get all of that bruising on her face the way that it is situated. The school can’t use the excuse that there was no supervision on the playground. No way! It is mandatory that all schools have playground supervision during recess. Especially with pedophiles, kidnappers and angry crazies toting guns out there lurking around. And I’m sure that when recess was over the teachers rounded up all the kids and saw lil’ AvaLynn’s face and the staff all gathered together and thought up a plot to deflect the blame off of them. And they probably (schooled) (lol) the other kids into saying that it was AvaLynns’ fault. AvaLynn’s hands are not strong enough to inflict such devastation on her face. Someone else did this to her, I believe because she is of mixed race and she is so pretty. And with such an incident as this, why wasn’t the mother notified immediately as to what happened. You mean to tell me that they let this little girl go home by herself in the condition that her face was in. Where was the school nurse in all of this. Come on, are these people that ruthless and heartless that they could do such a thing. They are as guilty as the perpetrator the assaulted AvaLynn. None of those adults need to be around children. I’m angry and upset over this situation. That just goes to show you that some people are only looking out for themselves. No one wants to step up and take the blame.

    Note to the Mom: I hope you are able to read my rant. I hope that you get to the bottom of this. Sue everyone that was involved, the school, the police department and the child’s’ family that caused all of this havoc on lil’ AvaLynns’ face. This is food for thought for you, Mom, and questions that needs to be put forth to whomever. I pray the AvaLynn heals from all of this trauma and that it doesn’t affect her later on in life. God Bless You!

  9. chill says:

    It amazes me that someone would even think that this happened from a fall. Ask Nancy Grace and Department of Human Services.

  10. T.R. says:

    I just read the mother took two days to report the incident to the police. That alone has me curious. If she was so outraged, why did it take her that long? Those injuries did not come from a little kid on the playground. Only an older teen or an adult could do damage like that. It’s possible she did hurt herslef on the playground initially but went home and got a beating from a grownup. Not saying the Mom, but the more information that comes in, the more it sounds off.

    • Melanie says:

      Maybe it took two days to notify police because she tried to first go through the school to find out what happened. When they wouldn’t look into it… she went to the police… When they refused to seriously look into possibilities she went to a lawyer and the media. It makes perfect sense to me..

  11. Robert says:

    This is exactly the type of things will drive a parent crazy. Where was the playground monitor? The police, even in small town Mississippi can`t be that ignorant. Fell my butt. This was a beating !!!

  12. Corey Mac says:

    It sickens & makes me mad that some little punk could do something like this to this little girl & the school district or police department can just sit there & doing nothing about this. This little girl did not fall & do all that damage to herself…it’s impossible. The mother should sue both the school & the police department.

  13. reddevil57 says:

    I have seen a child that fell off a slide before, looks very similar to what this little girls injuries are. I think she fell and her family are using this as an excuse to get sympathy money from people.

  14. LittleMo says:

    People are asking why and I think we can all guess “why.” Look at the photos of the Ava Lyn alone and then look at the one of Ava and her mother. This little girl is bi-racial and this happened in Mississippi. That’s why she “fell” and no one cares.

  15. Valeria says:

    If this is a hoax, then Hollywood needs to track down the person behind all that horrific ‘makeup’. Seriously, a hoax?? Bulls***. You fall down a slide, you get a goose-egg on the forehead or a chipped tooth. You do not end up with your whole face swollen like a balloon. This is bullying at some of its worst and even worse, no one has enough b***s to do anything about it except say “kids will be kids”.

  16. Lorraine Robles says:

    4 adults saw this and didn’t help and no school supervision?? I’m no doctor but it look like she fell off a building to be this damaged. This is so wrong on so many levels

  17. K Roper says:

    This child is obviously an interracial child and that was probably the reason for the beating! Suddenly, though not unexpected, this country, particularly the South has become, once again, hyper-racist! They are feeling more powerful again politically and financially and this is what they do with it – go after Black and Hispanics and anyone, even White people that get to close to Blacks or Hispanics! This is how they vent their anger at the government!

    This child was clearly attacked by some racist White kids who were encouraged into this by their parents! This is Mississippi, and the motto is: “I don’t know how that ni***r got on the end of that rope!

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