Paris Hilton Pomeranian: $13,000 Dog Named Prince Hilton

September 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Paris Hilton Pomeranian Dog

Paris Hilton Pomeranian puppy has his own Instagram account and by the looks of things, he is living the good life.

Last week, Paris Hilton paid $13,000 for a Pomeranian dog. Miss Hilton ordered the tiny animal, which is about five months old from Betty’s Teacup Yorkies in Calgary, Canada.

Hilton fell in love with the Pomeranian pup while she was enjoying New York Fashion week (maybe she saw a dress or hat that looked like the dog.)

On her Twitter and Instagram accounts Paris Hilton has been posting loads of pictures of who she deems is “the smallest Pomeranian in the world” doing various things.

She has also asked her followers for a name for the fuzzy little creature and they came up with Prince Hilton.

Hilton shared several pictures of herself in lingerie on a photoshoot with her new pet.

She also posted videos of herself shopping with the Pomeranian who seemed delighted to be surrounded by luxury items and delicious dog treats.

The Pomeranian, which is about the size of Paris’ sunglasses has been acquainted with his mistress’ six other dogs and two cats.

And there seems to be some jealousy between the new dog and Peter Pan Hilton who is a bit jealous of Prince Hilton.

The 33-year-old singer and part-time reality star explained that she threw a party for the adorable Pomeranian where she had fancy snacks and fun toys.

And as she did with her previous pets, Paris Hilton has created an Instagram page for her Canadian now American Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian has almost 15k followers on the social sharing site. In one picture, Prince Hilton is seen in a playpen made for a human baby.

While in another, he is sitting in a blanket with the caption “I am fabulous bitch.”

Paris Hilton and her Pomeranian received some sweet comments on how adorable they look together.

But few barked at Hilton for ordering a dog on the internet instead of adopting from a shelter.

So what do you think of Paris Hilton’s new $13k Pomeranian? Is he cute or too small for that price.


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