Pamela Anderson No Tofu Makeover: Baywatch Actress Gets Stunning No Tofu Makeover

August 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Pamela Anderson No Tofu Makeover

Pamela Anderson No Tofu makeover is not what you expect. In the latest issue of No Tofu magazine, Pamela Anderson has accepted to undergo a complete makeover and the result is sizzling. Anderson who is famous for her cleavage baring looks and heavy makeup was transformed into an adorable 1960s-inspired high school girl for No Tofu. And it must be said that at 47, Anderson looks stunning on the No Tofu cover.

Pamela Anderson has gone a serious makeover for the No Tofu magazine’s Fall 2014 issue, which is also dubbed the Blonde Ambition issue.

Gone are the tight black leather, revealing tops and barely-there dresses, and hello to a very conservative Pam.

The stylists at No Tofu, dramatically changed Pamela Anderson’s look, by going for skin tone makeup, pink lipstick and thicker eyebrow.

The Baywatch actress who is obsessed with the tanning booth, showed off her porcelain skin color on the cover of the Palm Beach, Florida based magazine.

The mother-of-two’s wild blonde locks were also tamed into a beautiful bob – which she completed with a giant bow.

Anderson’s epic makeover is in full display in two pictures. In the first one, Anderson looks like a cute doll from the 1960s in a navy dress with Peter Pan collars and an enormous bow.

While in the second photograph, the 47-year-old opted for a white and yellow gingham dress that makes her look like an innocent school girl (although the nails in her mouth make her look guilty of something).

Accompanying the photos of her shocking makeover, is an interview where the former Mrs Tommy Lee and Kid Rock opened up about her life.

Pamela Anderson revealed to No Tofu that through out the years, she became addicted to painkillers, but was able to get help.

She also confessed that she was desperate to find love and ended having many men in and out of her life.

Anderson claimed that she was not proud of that decision because her children had to witness her numerous heartaches.

The former model claims that she now has her life under control. While she was at it, Anderson should have revealed to No Tofu that she has decided not to divorce Rick Salomon.

Anderson and Salomon who have married to each other twice (the second wedding was in January), had filed for divorce few months ago, but last week she changed her mind.

The duo was spotted all over Los Angeles making out. Please check out Pamela Anderson No Tofu makeover photos below.


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  1. Laurie Harless says:

    WOW….. that’s Pamela Anderson ??????? She should’ve done this years ago !!! She looks WAY younger than 47, and is showing her “true” beauty !!!!

  2. Piney 45 says:

    An industry that can make us believe that Sly Stallone can still kick ass, chipmunks talk, and a flying saucer blew up the White House on Independence Day can stage anything. She does look good. Gotta say Pamela will always be sporting a red swim suit in my heart.

  3. Kathy says:

    Wow. Pamela Anderson looks good with eyebrows.

  4. Judi says:

    Who cares… We all could look like 15 if we had ur co. Make us up with air brushing & make up .. She still hard & rough looking .. Her life style has taken a toll on her!!

    • Anon says:

      Shut the fu.k up you stupid bitch you would still look hideous even if you had her money and make up team they’re not miracle workers, it’s obvious you’re a fat ugly jealous c,nt who’s mad because she’s a hundred times hotter than you could ever hope to be and your boyfriend/husband would rather f,k her than a disgusting mongoloid like you.

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