Olivia Wilde Looks Unrecognizable In Non-Retouched ‘Lazarus Effect’ Twitpic

March 1, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Olivia Wilde Lazarus Effect Twitpic, where she promotes her new film and pokes fun at Beyonce and Cindy Crawford, has gone viral. This week, actress Olivia Wilde shared a picture on Twitter where she can be seen getting her scary and scaly makeup done on the set of The Lazarus Effect.

olivia wilde lazarus effect twitpic

An Olivia Wilde Lazarus Effect Twitpic is making headlines and will probably be used by hundreds for Halloween this year. On Wednesday, new mother Olivia Wilde, took to the social networking site Twitter where she shared a photo with her almost 2 million followers.

The photo, which was taken on The Lazarus Effect set shows Olivia Wilde in full makeup in order to look like Doctor Zoe, (Olivia Wilde), who died and is later resuscitated by Doctor Frank, (played by Mark Duplass), using the untested and definitely FDA not approved Lazarus Serum.

In the snapshot, Miss Wilde looks like a hybrid between a human/lizard that is changing skin. The outspoken star used the caption to promote the horror film and poke fun at Beyonce and Cindy Crawford, who had embarrassing unPhotoshopped pictures surfaced online this month.

Olivia Wilde wrote:

“Watched #lazaruseffect so creepy but cool. I think I peed@oliviawilde never thought this could be creepier than Annabelle #goosebumps.”

She went on to remind the world that the thriller hit theaters today, Friday, February 27th. The Olivia Wilde Lazarus Effect Twitpic has gone viral and has received thousands of likes with one person saying that they will use it as makeup tutorial for Halloween in the fall.

One commentator pointed out that the peeled skin on Olivia’s face looks like South America. Another jokingly told Wilde that:

“just a little oil of Olay should clear that right up!”

A fan laughingly added:

The Lazarus Effect, which also stars Donald Glover, Evan Peters, and Sarah Bolger, follows a group of medical students who discover a way to bring dead animals back to life using the Lazarus Serum.

When Zoe, (Olivia Wilde), dies in a lab accident, the medical professionals use the “Lazarus” on her to bring her back and rapidly discover that she has become an evil supernatural creature. The Lazarus Effect has received mainly negative reviews from critics with Rotten Tomatoes giving it 15%.

Many of Wilde’s fans are wondering: Why did she accept to be a in a low-budget horror flick? The future Mrs Jason Sudeikis answers that question in a new interview with Esquire Magazine where she revealed that sometimes you have to take a role because you have bills to pay, (she also has baby Otis Alexander Sudeikis to feed and clothe). Wilde, who starred in Cowboys & Aliens and TRON: Legacy, explained:

“I tried to follow the good material, but I didn’t always do it. Because sometimes you need money, and sometimes you think it’s good material but you haven’t quite learned what actually works. And I was in my 20s! You don’t really know who you are and you’re trying out different identities, so maybe it was just a part of growing up. I think I’ve been doing this for 13 years—12 years—but it actually feels like I started two years ago.”

What are your thoughts on the Olivia Wilde Lazarus Effect Twitpic?


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