NY Subway Stabbing: Three Men Stabbed In New York Subway By Drunken Man

August 17, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

ny subway stabbing

New York City subway stabbing on Saturday morning leaves three men hospitalized. According to police, the person responsible for the stabbings is a 38-year-old man who was drunk at the time of the attacks.

Ivan DeLeon is the man behind Saturday’s New York subway stabbing, police revealed. After midnight, Mr DeLeon who was trying to get off train No. 6 at Grand Central Terminal; bumped into a child who was getting in with his father.

The incident lead to a dispute with the child’s dad who is 36 years old. During the altercation, Mr DeLeon stabbed the father in the chest. A man who is 27 was wounded in the stomach. While another one, 29, was stabbed in the arm. A passenger was able to hold DeLeon before police could arrive to the scene. The seven-year-old boy was not hurt.

The three victims were taken to Bellevue Hospital. The father was listed in critical but stable condition. The other two men were treated for minor injuries and later released. Mr DeLeon who was heavily intoxicated was taken to the New York Presbyterian Hospital for detoxification.

The man who is from Queens and does not have a criminal record in New York City, was charged with assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Mr DeLeon did not resist when he was being arrested. His arraignment was still pending on Saturday night.

Knife violence is on the rise in America, some people have started wondering if something could not be done to prevent some of the stabbings. Those who are against gun control even say that it is becoming a bigger problem than guns.

They are right to some extent; more people were killed with knives than rifles in 2011, according to FBI data. The same can not be said for handguns, which were used in close to half of the murders from that year.


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  1. NY, NY says:

    Who’ll guess that all three of the people the “intoxicated” DeLeon stabbed–were white.

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