MSNBC Cancels Shows, Adds Brian Williams To Daytime Lineup For More Breaking News Coverage, Chuck Todd Returns

August 3, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

MSNBC canceled three shows – The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner and The Ed Show – in an attempt to rebrand the left-leaning network. The struggling channel wants to offer more news and less opinion.

MSNBC Cancels Shows

After months of gossiping, the official announcement came on Thursday. Liberal cable news network MSNBC has decided to cancel three shows from its daytime lineup. The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner and The Ed Show aired for the last time on Friday.

The shift in tone comes after MSNBC fell behind rivals – Fox News and CNN – in the ratings race. The network wants to put more focus on breaking news and unbiased coverage in daytime with people like Chuck Todd and Brian Williams, who will start new programs in September.

Todd, the host of Meet The Press on NBC, is set to anchor a political show at 5 pm that will probably share some similarities with The Daily Rundown. The political director for NBC News hosted the news talk show from 2010 to 2014. Todd was replaced by José Diaz-Balart.

Williams, the former anchor of NBC Nightly News, will be in charge of breaking news and special reports. The journalist was forced to leave his previous job in February 2015 after it was discovered that he “misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003,” according to NBC News President Deborah Turness. Many TV experts see this demotion as a second chance for Williams, who was once very popular and well respected. Interesting fact, Williams was the face of MSNBC when it launched in 1996. Almost 20 years later, he comes back to save it, and himself.

The future of MSNBC could include more changes. All In with Chris Hayes and Politics Nation with Al Sharpton are not performing well in primetime; these programs could be replaced by fresher and less liberal voices in the upcoming months.

MSNBC is hoping to reconcile its serious journalistic side – Todd, Williams and Andrea Mitchell – with its unapologetic liberal stars – Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Matthews. It will do so through a greater convergence with reporters working at NBC News. MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a memo Thursday:

In the coming weeks, as we complete our plans to create a new look and flow for our dayside programming, our 3pm to 6pm hours will begin the pivot towards live, breaking news coverage – with interim hosts from among our very talented ranks. And then, in September, we’ll unveil a 9am to 5pm schedule driven by dynamic coverage of breaking news events that are shaping the day.
Change can be hard. There’s no doubt it’s been a difficult time, but we have exciting opportunities ahead.

Alex Wagner and Ari Melber will stay on MSNBC, while Ed Schultz, Krystal Ball, Abby Huntsman and Touré are leaving the network. Schultz did not even bother saying goodbye to his audience on Friday. The last show was hosted by Michael Eric Dyson.

MSNBC cancels shows with too much opinion and not enough ratings, this probably signals a new era in cable news television. Liberals felt betrayed by the move, while people in the middle are welcoming the change. However, a central question remains, can MSNBC still attract viewers?

What are your thoughts of the cancelled MSNBC shows? Can the network rebound? What do you think could save MSNBC?


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  1. RL says:

    They can cancel MSNBS in total as far as I am concerned!

    • Troll Basher says:

      That’s because you a Dick Head..

      • Sally Anderson Moore says:

        Why be like FOX and/or CNN? That’s your goal? They have more viewers? That does not make them better. So annoyed with you “getting rid” of some fine people. I really question then why you keep Morning Joe?

    • Chuck says:

      MSNBC is such a waste of broadband space. They claim they are removing some of their “more liberal” programs, and replacing them with……..wait for it……with people who even more far left.

      • Chuck says:

        You’ll notice that there is no mention of them removing the evil, anti-America, black racist, Melissa Harris-Perry, or Al Sharpton. Let that hate continue.

  2. Barney Raffield says:

    Thanks so much, MSNBC. I have been a very faithful viewer of MSNBC for years. I watch MSNBC from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every week night. My favorite shows have been hosted by Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz, and Reverend Al Sharpton. Chris Matthews is a complete narcissist; Rachel Maddow is totally political; and Lawrence O’Donnell is yet another narcissist. You have seen fit to cut, or being in the process of cutting, the shows I most enjoy. For that reason, myself, my wife, my children, and so many, many of our friends, will no longer be watching MSNBC. I shall change to CNN because FOX news is so disgusting. MSNBC, you deserve to fail; and in my opinion, you are well on your way. Incidentally, Chuck Todd is terribly boring, and Brian Williams has more than a little trouble with the truth. Auf Wiedersehen for good, MSNBC!!! –a once extremely loyal viewer who feels you have totally abandoned very many of your most loyal market!

    • TW says:

      Barney, you’re an IDIOIT!!

      • Walt Coogan says:

        TW, your type of attitude (calling someone an “idiot” because of a different taste) represents everything that is currently wrong with American society.

    • Jim Fox says:

      Geez, try to watch a real successful network…..Fox! They really are fair and balanced. That’s why they’re kicking everyone’s butt in the ratings. Since I switched over to them, I can’t be happier!

      • Walt Coogan says:

        I hope that you are being sarcastic, Jim “Fox.”

      • Jimthetruth says:

        You seem enjoy or prefer watching a cadre of confirmed Liars, bigots and downright untrustworthy people that mostly make up the Fox broadcast team. If that is not your personality then I suggest that you exercise caution as the kind of rhetoric that I have witnessed during the few occasions that I watched Fox news is bordering on insanity run amok!

        • Kris says:

          Hmm….”cadre of confirmed Liars, bigots and downright untrustworthy people that mostly make up the Fox broadcast team…” sounds like this was taken from some prepared talking points, but not particularly accurate. Clearly you have not actually watched Fox news to any degree. Perhaps Glenn Beck might have been considered a bit “out there”, but he is no longer with the network. Other than that, Sean Hannity is about the only one that could be painted with such a brush. They actually have libs and righties debating their various points of view! Imagine! You really should check it out….though it might shatter your preconceived notions.

    • Vic says:

      MSNBC is seeking more” truth” in their broadcasts, that why they hired Brian Williams, who never lies, or exaggerates story lines, duh right?

    • KwazieWabbit says:

      Maddcow, Matthspews, Sgt. Schultz, O’Dumbell and the like at MSNBC are disgusting.

      CNN has mini-mes of the same people as MSNBC so have fun!

    • Kevin says:

      Nobody cares!, Because no one is watching. LOL !!

    • Walt Coogan says:

      Chris Matthews is by far my favorite at MSNBC—a man with great experience and strong opinions yet one with genuine intellectual curiosity and no ideological deduction, unlike most of the other commentator-hosts on either MSNBC or Fox, such as Lawrence O’Donnell, Al Sharpton (whom I like well enough), Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity.

  3. Roland St.Germain says:

    MSNBC? Breaking news?

    WHAT breaking news? If anything happens, they wimp out using the following formula:
    1. Cover it with as much as a 5-minute tape delay;
    2. Blur out or freeze the screen;
    3. Cut to black;
    4. Cut to the host, who announces that you won’t see what’s breaking “out of an abundance of caution”; or
    5. In a similar vein, they’ll cut to the host who repeats their shopworn mantra, “We’re going to have to leave it there …”

    BREAKING NEWS? Under their current broadcasting policy, you’d never have seen the second plane hit the WTC on 9/11 “out of an abundance of caution” – you’d simply have to take the talking head’s word for it.

    As for any insightful reporting, forget that too – as Chuck “Chuckles” Todd has revealed, “If we bark at a guest, they won’t come back.” So if you’re foolish enough to stick around and watch, buckle in and prepare for a torrent of talking points, because that’s all you’re gonna get!

    Phil Griffin has stated that he wants to make the network more like CNN. Great idea – I haven’t watched those clowns in over 10 years!

    As long as they’re at it, why not rename the network WONBC (Wimp Out NBC)? I’ve got a handful of equally appropriate ones, but I’m going to have to leave it there …

    So where do we go now? WONBC is a has-been, CNN is a joke, and don’t get me started about Faux News (WONBC has already become known as Fox Lite during its morning programming). I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to The Young Turks – Cenk Uygur has proven that he can’t be bought off of his mission to let you know how it really is – that is, if you can handle it.

    • John Rickey says:

      Roland… I agree with you. What most folks often fail to comprehend is just because NEWS has the word NEW in it doesn’t make it NEW. Never has one little consonant controlled a larger audience. Or as Yogi Berra said… “Deja Vu all over again!” Jake

    • Nelson Robison says:

      Roland St. Germain, in one of your sentences you ask, “where do we go from here?” You mention that you are going to Cenk Uygur, who when push comes to shove is one of the better progressives on the blogosphere. There are two more that are definitely worth your while, 1) Thom Hartman. His show is on daily on the internet and reruns on Youtube. Thom Hartman is a true progressive and very intelligent and articulate. Thom espouses radical progressive policies and makes use of the internet and writing. He’s written as many as 25-30 books and has spoken on his own website for many years now. 2) The second website you as a progressive/liberal should make use of is, “Democracy Now,” with Amy Goodman. This is one of the best sites for independent news from around the world, and of course commentary that is liberally oriented. Americans if we want the real news if we want the real sense of what is happening in the world are going to have to either develop our own news sources or make use of the ones that are already here.

  4. Emeka Achebe says:

    Just bring all of them back, period. What will doom MSNBC is to embark on this contemplated “breaking news modus operandi”. The public is tired of just following the news and frankly this is not enough in this day and age. Forget this rating craze that carries with it some elements of bias because a vast majority of Americans want the truth to be told, not just following the news. The challenge is how to create news by pointing out the fundamental ills of the society. We should be careful not to allow advocacy groups, while maintaining their legitimate points of view, to be too shrill and boring. By the way that “caught on camera” series should be replaced with live programs.

    • Phyllis Bauer says:

      I completely agree with E.A. A great response. Also I agree with caught on camera should be replaced with live shows. As well as the lock up shows.

    • Kanu Patel says:

      I think first MSBC should fire the president of MSNBC. He is themost incompetent person in my openion.When a corporation performs
      poorly it is the CEO who should be terminated.He probably got promoted to his current position because of the PETER PRONCIPLE.Job of a CEO is to constantly monitor and motivate his staff and welccome new ideas from his staff.I donot think current changes will improve MSNBC over CNN. It still willbe third news channel. Just a thought may be board of director should consider replacing ccurrent CEO with aCEO fro CNN.

  5. Tom Coen says:

    Ed Schultz is loud, rude and boring.
    Chris Hayes is loud, rude and boring.
    Chris Matthews is loud, rude and boring.
    Let the guests answer the questions before they are interrupted and another questions gets yelled at them.
    “Breaking news” is what is happening NOW. Not the same stuff heard the day before.
    I still watch Rachel M. and Lawrence O. although they seem to be just a rerun of previous topics.

  6. Kevyn Sexton says:

    I’ve never watched any of these shows and don’t know who these people are so it’s no loss for me. The liberal viewpoint is stupid. Rachel Maddow is the most insane person I’ve ever seen on TV. Very weak. I miss Walter Kronkite. He acted like he knew what he was talking about, but for now I’ll stick with Fox.

    • Dorothy (Dot) Montgomery says:

      You haven’t been around much, have you. Rachel Maddow is miles above the ordinary reporter.

  7. Jack B. Gross says:

    News is news. News is not entertainment. Any questions?

  8. V William Murrell says:

    Alex Wagner and Ed Schulz are high among my favorites. I like Rv Al, but Rachael, Chris Mathews are better. Chris Hayes not so much. Do not look forward to Brian Williams but I will give him a few looks. Larry Late is OK nut not the best paced show. Please bring back Alex and Ed!!!!

    • TW says:

      Ed Schulz is one of your favorites? Wow, what color is the moon on your planet? Schulz is a delusional fruitcake as is anyone who believes his pathetic fantasies.

  9. V William Murrell says:

    I read other comments I agree MSNBC is wimping out. It is a deluxee buffet. I did not like the Cycle, too young and naïve. Alex and ED definitely a necessity to give the buffet a warm welcome and friendly face

  10. Phyllis Bauer says:

    I can’t believe they canceled The Ed Show. His show was fast moving and kept me very informed. He truly cared about the middle class.I have always watched MSNBC from 4:00 on. I loved the politics. I don’t want a breaking news show one after another. It is the same thing over and over. There is no left leaning shows out there. I hope this truly fails. MSNBC doesn’t deserve to be on the air. Yes, Put Chuck Todd on 5 days a week. Todd and David Gregory are the reasons I stopped watching Meet the Press. I think the higher ups want MSNBC to fail so they can have a right wing station.

    • Jerry and Joyce Johnston says:

      All you have to do is look at who owns NBC and it is obvious what this is all about. They can’t let anything interfere with corporate thievery. Ed always pointed out plenty of that.

  11. Linda Schwarzlose says:

    If U think Brian Williams after his scandal and Chuck Todd w his poor reporting r going to do it for U-U r sadly mistaken. U should just call urselves Fox News 2 !Keep cutting and U will have no rating at all.

  12. deanna collier says:

    i am disappointed to lose Alex Wagner’s show, maybe they’ll let her have another.. but, I’m also disappointed in the return of Chuck Todd. I agree, he is boring.. and the ‘palming off’ of Brian Williams to msnbc. there is just nothing else to watch on cable.. Cnn is ridiculous, and Fox.. just impossible to consider.. guess i’ll stick with msnbc and see how it goes, but, won’t be watching much daytime programming.. that’s for sure.. the only one left worth watching will be Andrea Mitchell.. guess i’ll check in on her to catch up on the news during daytime..

  13. joe jetson says:

    MSNBC does not need to fire all of their “Journalists”. All they have to do is change their Slogan. If #1 Fox is “Fair and Balanced” and leads the Ratings, Ultra-Liberal MSNBC can be “Unfair and Mentally Unbalanced”.

    • Dorothy (Dot) Montgomery says:

      Fair and balanced does not describe Fox, but unfair and mentally unbalanced seems to describe you.

  14. Harry Gardner says:

    I watch way too much TV. The decision to switch from a political opinion based format to a more “breaking news” ad nauseam format will certainly cure that. Yes, MSNBC is left leaning but cerebral and factual which counters FOX news perfectly. CNN is nothing but mush which is the same as local news so where do I turn for stimulating opinion? I guess I’ll be spending more time with my sweet liberal aunt and my wacko right wing tea party uncle. UGH

  15. Bob says:

    Sorry Brian, move on, maybe sell cars, or real estate..

  16. lee edwards says:

    a change from sharpton and the all black aggenda would be nice, and chris both of them.
    we need ed, who will talk about the union issues? the invasion of our rights? property? pay and in general the issues that affect the working people?
    it is sad the it must be either very left, or very right to satisfy the network, and now in msnbc , somewhere in the outer limits. the idea of breaking news, is just the repeat of the same questions and video all day, which is why i always just made time for the ed show, a 5 minute stop and you were caught up all day, same stuff.
    bring ed back, chuckles todd is a waste of air time, and so is most of you morning crew, sorry but i must move on.

    • Christine says:

      So Lee Edwards an “All black agenda”?
      Interesting but it id ok to have an All white agenda” in which that’s how the news is anyway.

      NONE of these white news shows Rately reports anything within the black communities, unless it got to the point the couldn’t ignore it, like Rev. did he was a voice finally on air talking about the sometime unfair bias in this country regarding racism.

      So sorry u are tired of hearing about black issues but we (blacks) are tired of the constant excuses of inequality in this country by white americans. It’s sad that no other show gave a voice to Racism except Rev. Al Sharpton show MSNBC good bye.

  17. Maria McMurray says:

    The best thing that could happen is for all of MSNBC to be taken off the air. Why would you bring a lying anchor who was fired to an already lowest rated news(lol) network? If you think this is going to improve your program and ratings I think you are sadly mistaken…..your liberal views are as sad and pathetic as the tampons hanging from Rachel Maddow’s ears.

    • Dorothy (Dot) Montgomery says:

      You moron, MSNBC is moving your way. The “tampons” thing just shows no class.

  18. manny says:

    I watched MSNBC because of Ed, Rachel, Chris Mathews, and Lawrence O’ Donnell. I will not watch Chuch Todd, or Brian Wiliams. I guess I will watch Al Jazeera after 4 o’ clock.Bye bye MSNBC.

  19. Lee says:

    The Ed show was our favorite; sorry but we will no longer watch MSNBC with these cancellations. Poor choice on your part.

  20. jeff says:

    How about reporting news. News as it happens, no editorial opinions needed. It is ashamed Fox is one of the only news outlets that you can trust for honest unbiased information. I think it’s too little too late for you guys. But I guess you can ride the sinking ship to the bottom. Like Hillary you lost Americas trust.

    • Dorothy (Dot) Montgomery says:

      Sounds like you need to go back to Jr. High school. Honest unbiased info—HA!

  21. john seats says:

    I don’t like to watch any of these so called talk shows, they are just a bunch of people carrying on and stirring up controversy. what I like is to watch the news and talk about things of value that you actually do something about or need to know. these liberal agenda talk shows just constantly stir up trouble pushing their agenda. the host’s are obnoxious, talk loud and just plain make ‘***ses* of themselves not for ‘news’ but for ratings.

  22. Kaiken Borch says:

    I am still in shock! Firing Ed was a big mistake. He is a champion for the middle class, unions, women’s right, fair pay,etc.,etc., and he exposes the lies and hypocrisy of Fox news and the outrageous misrepresentations of extreme right wing ideology. He was a real treasure, dynamic and full of enthusiasm and I watched him every day, without fail. This is a huge loss. I trusted him! He gave msnbc a real edge and real excitement. His opinions were spot on. He was feisty and he challenged things. He knew how to do great interviews, had a great sense of humor and he stood for real values and this country. Except for Rachael, Chris Matthews, and O’Donnell, I will NOT be watching msnbc any more. I will never watch Chuck Todd or Brian Williams.That’s why I never watch Meet The Press. CNN is Republican Lite and so is Todd. Bring back Ed and Alex, or you might just as well pack it up. Why you waste precious air time with insulting and boring weekend shows like lockup and caught on camera is beyond me. There are distinguished and learned people all over this country who could provide valid and interesting insights into life, politics, in a talk show format or like the Ted talks. Instead of that garbage why don’t you at least run back to back Ted talks for some inspiration and nourishment for the soul? I think losing big Eddie is the worst decision you ever could have made. I am horrified, and will not watch the new disastrous lineup.

    • Jerry and Joyce Johnston says:

      Kaiken. Amen to everything you said. The Ed show has been our favorite since it started. Unless they bring Ed back we are done with MSNBC. They made a big mistake when they moved him from 8 o’clock to 5 P.M. and didn’t repeat the show. It looks like the only place left to get the facts are LINK TV and Al Jazeera. We also listen to Thom Hartman.

  23. c herndon says:

    as a vivid NEWS NEWS NEWS watcher, I like the old song,, ” Thank GOD and Greyhound they are gone”!!!!!!!! (when do the rest GO!)

  24. Mary Pryde says:

    I have watched MSNBC for years. If they do what they say they are going to do, it will be a huge loss to the political argument. I appreciate the “liberal bias.” We need someone on the air that can quote true facts and help to make this a better world. Fox panders to the 1%. I hope you will consider having knowledgeable people like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Dan Buettner, Michael Pollan, James Hansen and others like them who can give us an education as well as entertain us instead of the same people who have been doing “the news” for what feels like forever.

  25. Monique Mueller says:

    Have you lost your everloving mind letting Ed Schultz go and planning to cancell more shows like Rev.Al Sharpton this is can’t tell me that your ratings fell behind Fox and CNN these shows what made you.for years until now i have been watching MSNBC well i wont be watching this Station anymore.You made the biggest Mistake ever.ED and the others were dedicated Journalists excellent Reporters and you cancelled them this is unbelievable.Where is your loyalty and are just another Right Winger a Traider.Shame on You.

  26. Annie Smith says:

    I enjoy watching Alex W. Rachel M. Lawrence and sometimes Chris M. who cause a lot of unnecessary problems at times. I would like to see a real liberal who stand up for the liberals. Most all of the so called liberals who were fired continued to degraded Hillary C. and it made me really sick. I tuned them out as many of my family and their families did also. Look at Morning Joe, all Scarborough does is belittle the liberals and often shut Mika up. He make up lies about Hillary and most of the Dems. Yet he uphold the republicans. He should be fired next. I catch him in so many lies. Its ashamed…

  27. Elizabeth Cloud says:

    I don’t have CNN (just as well), I won’t watch Fox Noise, so MSNBC was my go-to station. No more. Chuck Todd seems untrusworthy and makes my skin crawl, not to mention that he is beyond boring. Brian Williams has been proven untrustworthy. Andrea Mitchell’s “interview” of Sen. Bernie Sanders was insulting and grotesquely unprofessional. I can’t stomach arrogant Joe Scarborough (why is M.B. still tolerating him?). Chris Matthews doesn’t seem to know where he stands on issues and the way he interrupts guests is so rude. I began to watch less of MSNBC as I noticed the gradual shift to the Right and increasing unwillingness to talk about controversial subjects. The hosts I loved watching were some of the ones you cancelled–the ones with “fire in their belly,” Ed Schulz in particular. MSNBC is another corporate sell-out, sadly. What you don’t understand is that there is a real and growing appetite for progressive news in this nation, as well as fast-breaking news, an antidote to virulent no-news Fox Noise. But, you can’t be all over the map politically, “all things to all people.” It just doesn’t work.

  28. joann says:

    I have faithfully watched MSNBC for years. Therefore I am disappointed over the cancelation of the Ed Schultz show. And, I am devastated in the future canceling of the following talk shows like Hardball with Chris Mathews, Politics Nation with Rev Al Sharpen, All In with Chris Hayes, Racheal Maddow and Laurence O’Donnell. I personally believe that these talk-shows are being cancelled to prevent Democrats and Liberals from getting news from True Journalist. Furthermore, Mr Phil Griffin (the president of the network), I will stop watching MSNBC (and my friends) if you cancel the above talk-shows.

  29. Peter W says:

    If you thought your Ratings were bad,just wait until you institute New programming.Why did you keep Andrea Mitchell?she sounds as if she need an oxygen mask.Fire ” Morning Joe and Mika” along with those other weak guest.

  30. Richard Rivera says:

    Chuck Todd, Really?
    I am a Liberal and I want to listen to a liberal view, nothing wrong with that is there, especially you loyal Fox viewers, you are for the most conservatives and want to listen to conservative views. What I see in these changes is to spread to conservative view yet through another cable station, lets not forget there is an upcoming election and if liberal voices are out there it will be much harder for the Republicans to win the Presidency, it’s part of a strategy.
    Everyone of the programs that were cancelled had an audience, I like some more than others and enjoyed watching all of them except Ed Schultz, he seemed to have gotten too harsh; although I’ve listened to him since his first radio show, don’t know what happened to him.
    I’m trying to think who runs the show now? Humm, is it Comcast? Before I say anything else maybe I’ll do some research on them and see how they lean. Just wondering.
    Just to let you know I’m pissed off with your changes! We don’t need another Fox outlet.

    • Betty Otis says:

      We need msnbc to counter the Fox spread of their
      conservative views. I will miss The Cycle crew.
      They were fun and informative.

  31. mar that I felt I was getting the truth.y larson says:

    This change is a real blow to me. I have loved watching MSNBC daily. It was the only channel that told the truth. And Ed! How could you cancel him? Bring these people back. You’re traveling a road to the same places CNN and FOX are now. Unreliable. There are some of us who care more
    about the news than ratings!

  32. Robert Faria says:

    I can’t wait to see Brian Williams again. I no longer watch NBC News without Brian, instead I now watch ABC News with David Muir. Welcome back Brian goodbye David and ABC.

  33. carolyn corbett says:

    i liked ed,alex and the cycle cant stand sharpen. trusted andrea mitchell will not be watching msnbc.

  34. Alan Silver says:

    I have been a loyal MSNBC viewer for many years. I believe they act as a counter-weight to Fox “News”. We don’t need two CNNs or a Fox Light. Rachel Maddow is the only show that will keep me tuned into MSNBC. This is a bad time to lose a voice for liberal values. MSNBC may lose more viewership than they gain. Quite the gamble.

  35. Rachel says:

    OMG OMG OMG…what has MSNBC done?
    I am a Canadian and have loved watching American politics for years now.
    I actually have to pay extra to receive MSNBC on my TV.
    I enjoy the liberal view points as they counter the GARBAGE and LIES FOX spews. As for CNN……BORING. I am not sad to see The Cycle go.
    I am not sad to see Ed go…BUT…DO NOT MESS WITH CHRIS MATHEWS AND
    RACHEL MADDOW AND LAWRENCE ODONNELL.Get rid of Andrea Mitchell….set her out to pasture…so boring.I believe the LEFT needs a strong voice
    especially now before the 2106 presidential election.
    I SHUDDER TO THINK OF A GOP WINNING THE WHITEHOUSE. CONTROLLING BOTH CHAMBERS AND THE WHITE HOUSE?????????…GOD HELP AMERICA and therefore the rest of the world.ONCE AGAIN….DO NOT MESS WITH CHRIS MATHEWS!!!!!!!!!!One final note…ask Scarborough to shut up when Mika speaks…he is so rude to her….I am reviled by his mistreatment of should every woman.

    • Vic says:

      Why would anyone from Canada listen to the tripe, petty, mindless comments on MSNBC, just switch to the DNC site for all their talking points.

    • Kevin says:

      So you aren’t actually interested in the news. You just want to know the stupid talking points you should be spewing to your other idiot Liberal friends. LMAO!!

  36. jason says:

    First and foremost, try covering the news on the weekend. Caught on camera and Lock up are useless. Your opinion shows need to communicate with each other so they are not covering the same stories over and over. I like Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris Perry but their obsession with racial issues is too much for me. I realize that race is a big problem but talking about it everyday doesn’t help the situation. If you gave climate change equal time we might actually change some minds. The racists that need educating are not watching Al and Melissa….you’re preaching to the choir.
    Reporting on international news would help too. The obvious bias for New England and frustrating. Nobody outside of the north east cares about Bridgegate. I could go on all morning but …Let’s get to work!….oh, you cancelled him too. 🙁

  37. Pat says:

    I cannot believe MSNBC and their mass firing. I have a open mind about Brian Williams. Chuck Todd..are you kidding me! I no longer watch Meet the Press because he is a boring pompous ass. Now he will be on weekdays. I am another viewer who will not be watching your station other than catching the present host still scheduled. Are you going to fire them too. We don’t need another Fox or CNN. Can’t believe you let Ed go. I have signed on with Ed on his website to stay in touch with him. I will do this with other host as well. You people who are responsible for this will be losing another loyal viewer. I kept tuned into MSNBC daily but no more. Think management will regret this moved.

  38. Valerie Booth says:

    It’s a shame that pursuing ratings is what’s driving this harsh, senseless move by MSNBC.

    I am truly disappointed and feel very let down. You see, CNN and FOX News do not do it for me!!!

    I remain hopeful that there’ll be a network that reports the news sensibly and counters the garbage that is spewed on FOX.

    MSNBC was not perfect, but it was, for the most part better than the rest.


  39. Trudy G James-Cook says:

    OMG OMG OMG…what is MSNBC doing?
    I loved watching American politics on MSNBC, but have to be honest and by saying that I don’t get home until 7 p.m. which is when I start watching Chris Matthews and I stay on the channel until Lawrence signs off at 11 p.m.
    MSNBC is a channel I trust I would never watch that full of LIES FOX or BORING CNN. Now I will not miss The Cycle which was a complete waste if an hour and so was Alex Wagner, but Ed was a joy to watch.


    Get rid of Andrea Mitchell . . . old and boring . . . just because she beat cancer is no reason to keep her on the air—PLEASE.

    On a final note, tell Scarborough to shut up when Mika speaks, he is rude and over talks every guest, but you might notice he won’t say anything about Donald Trump as he is afraid Donald will jump on that ass. He loves to talk about everyone’s business but he did not mention that he lost another wife.

  40. carol disario says:

    pres. phil griffin you just shot yourself in the foot by firing ed Schultz and wagner. your ratings will prove that. what are you trying to accomplish? leaning towards the right? we need a more liberally informed platform and not a cnn-fox agenda. what really needs to go is “lockup” and “caufgt on camera” and return two favorites (ed & alex) back to the many viewers. scarborough and andrea Mitchell. in my opinion, would also be on the cutting block. being an avid follower of ed and wagner on msnbc, I will now tune off.

  41. Michael Gelfand says:

    Because Fox News sets such a high standard for unbiased reporting. (CNN, too, for that matter).

  42. Kevin says:

    Don’t worry Ed. You just suck the government tit from now on, like the rest of your babbling Liberal X-foller/watchers. LMAO!!!

  43. Kevin says:

    Morning Joe is the only program worth watching on MSNBC. At least one person at MSNBC has some common sense. That is all.

  44. Another Person says:

    You cancel these shows but let a woman with a severe speech impediment run a weekend program?

  45. Bruce L says:


    We need more progressive media, not less.

    Appreciated each of the hosts doing their best to present the news factually unlike the guys at Fox, or hate talk radio….it’s too bad that inflammatory made-up news sells so well.

  46. kay says:

    Get rid of Joe Scarborough a “know it all” talks over everyone and then turns to his sycophant air-head Mika for confirmation of his view point.

    Although Chris Matthews talks over folks he at least is a wealth of knowledge relative to politics.

  47. eric says:

    I wont miss these programs, but I would have included Sharpton as the first to go. All he accomplishes is fueling the race war, Ed gets confused on what the facts are, and should of been gone long ago. I will enjoy seeing more real news as I usually have to flip around to get any type of breaking news. Sorry to see Chris Hayes go maybe they can put him back on Sunday mornings and replace M.H. Perry. Would really like to see Keith Oberman come back in the evenings, we was the bomb. If they ever get rid of Rachel or Chris Mathews, that would be the last straw and I would have to give up on MSNBC once and for all.

  48. Stephen says:

    Only a complete moron would cancel Now with Alex Wagner. Best show by far on MSNBC. Alex Wagner is extremely smart and she is gorgeous. What else would you want? Another boring white guy? Got tons of them on everywhere.

  49. ann says:

    You have taken away the best of your shows….guess ill switch to CNN…I can only hope that someone will hire ed schultz full time so I can feel my interest are being represented

  50. Kay says:

    Instead of cancelling “The Cycle”, “The Ed Show, & “Now with Alex Wagner”, replace then in the “Caught on Camra” & “Lock-Up” time slots. For those of us who work from 9:00 – 5:00 (ages 21yrs. – 65yrs.) this would be a delight to watch on Saturday and Sunday–even if you have to repeat the morning segements starting at 3:00pm til 11:00pm. Anything is better than Lockup & Caught on Camra.

  51. Mary Erskine says:

    What a shame to cancel the Ed show and I will watch him where ever he goes. I loved the fact that he interviewed people about the pipeline, the steel industry and also his feelings about TTP. MSNBC has not replaced these canceled shows with better people and I hope the ratings will show that.

  52. Dorothy (Dot) Montgomery says:

    WHAT??!! Other than Rachael and the Rev. Al, Joy Reid also in there, you are canceling the best of your lineups. Probably because the lying repucks know better how to keep the ignorant intrigued by using the loudest, most insulting, vulgar, and clownish performances. It makes for popular viewing, (and radio) for the non thinkers, but people who care for this country prefer the truth to high damaging shows which are popular in this age of hateful, backward, and destroying times. On top of that, we lost The Daily Show!

    This is the most insane disaster to come along lately; throwing away such talented, intelligent folks who care about the U.S. If ratings are bad, they are fixing to get worse. You are the only hope for the country to get the CORRECT info, and you are cowardly backing out with cutting the best. Have the Kochs been talking to you?

  53. Judy Simpson says:

    I was profoundly disappointed with MSNBC canceling some of the best political shows on television. I’ll still watch Maddow, Sharpton & O’Donnel, but I don’t need another CNN. Please reconsider and bring back Ed at least and get rid of Mr Excitement Chuck Todd

  54. Phil Finney says:

    I left the pablum of CNN, for what? The new pablum of MSNBC. When will Fox do the same thing? Never. And there’s a liberal bias to the news? Give me a break! MSNBC has now moved to storytime with Williams. No facts, no opinion, just lies.

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