Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Divorce Rumors: ‘The Voice’ Coach Slams Latest Reports

October 3, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Divorce

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce rumors are spreading like wildfire and The Voice‘s coach is fighting them with a burning passion. The latest Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton divorce speculations come from In Touch magazine, which shared that the pair barely see each other because of their musical careers and when they do meet, they fight over everything. Shelton slammed the story by telling the publication to “eat a dick.”

Another day, another Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton divorce story hits the internet.

First the pair was splitting because Lambert discovered that Shelton was having an affair with 23-year-old pop-country star, Cady Groves.

Now, the couple has decided to call it quits because Shelton is partying too much and has become too Hollywood. According to In Touch, an additional source of conflict between the lovers, is the fact that they do not see each other because they are constantly working.

A source spoke to the mag saying that Miranda Lambert is worried that she has become a stranger to her husband, since they started their respective tours over the summer. The insider said:

“Miranda is worried that if this keeps up, they’ll continue to grow apart. ”

Blake Shelton has confirmed that the tours have taken a toll on his marriage by telling the media that he is always on the opposite ends of the country.

Shelton recently revealed that that their tour buses literally pass each other in the night on the same highway.

The so-called said the Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton divorce is imminent because the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” songstress is tired of living in California and wants to move to a peaceful ranch in Oklahoma, while her husband is determined to stay in Hollywood.

Lambert has put her foot down and told her hubby of three years that she will not be joining him in Los Angeles for the new season of The Voice.

The same insider shared that the singers have been also been feuding over Shelton’s constant partying.

Lambert has allegedly lost over 45 pounds through dieting, exercising and has stopped consuming alchool, but has not been able to convince her spouse to follow her healthy lifestyle.

The divorce rumor reached to Shelton’s ears and he took Twitter to blast the magazine, he wrote:

Maybe because the divorce rate is so high the tabloids have just decided to play the odds with me and Miranda. Morons.. #eatadick

This quote should definitely put an end to the Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton divorce rumors…for now.


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