Miley Cyrus Banned By Maria Shriver From Kennedy Family Christmas

December 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Miley Cyrus banned by Maria Shriver from attending family’s Christmas reunion. According to several media outlets, Cyrus has been banned by her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mother, Maria Shriver, from spending the holidays with the family in their Massachusetts home. The decision has caused a lot of tension between the mother and son.

miley banned shriver

Miley Cyrus was banned by Maria Shriver from holidaying with the Kennedy family in Massachusetts.

A close source to Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s mother, Maria Shriver, has spoken to Hollywood Life, saying that she is not a fan of Miley Cyrus.

Miss Shriver believes that the star is a bad influence for her son and is doing all she can to keep them apart.

The insider told the publication that Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California, has banned Miley Cyrus from attending the annual Christmas vacation with the rest of the Kennedys in Massachusetts.

On December 13, Shriver’s daughter, Katherine, celebrated her 25th birthday and the family had a big bash where Cyrus was not invited because no one wanted her there. According to The Inquisitr, the person claimed:

“[The family] had a big party on the weekend for his sisters birthday and Miley was not invited. Patrick is very close to his sister he’s not going to go against what she asks, especially not on her birthday.”

Maria Shriver’s decision to exclude Miley Cyrus from the year-end activities, has caused a rift between herself and Patrick Schwarzenegger. The so-called friend claimed that the mother and son duo are always fighting. The source said:

“I’m sure it caused tension for them because there were a lot of people there, it wasn’t just family.If he was with his ex she would have been welcome but not Miley. That couldn’t have been easy.They’ve been talking less and less. Every time they do talk, it ends up in an argument where Patrick is defend Miley.”

The person revealed that Maria Shriver would prefer to see her son focusing on his studies, instead of partying with the Bangerz singer. According to Examiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s ex-wife has never been a fan of Cyrus and she will keep playing a major role in her son’s life.

Miley Cyrus banned by Maria Shriver, do you think the feud is real?


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  1. mjpare says:

    Who cares?

  2. Glenna Glinstrom says:

    Maria is a smart woman. Miley made her bed by acting like a slut now let her wallow in it. She wanted to look like white trash now she is paying for it. Stick to your guns Maria!

    • Dez says:

      She’ll fit in perfect with the Kennedy’s.

    • Lynn says:

      The Kennedy family has members who have committed rape

    • David says:

      she wasn’t acting. But…let’s keep in mind that Miley is a very young woman who got very rich very early. I know that all of you with the harshest comments of her are all saintly but why don’t we give her a chance to grow a bit? You guys can always bring in the lynch mob of character assassinators later. Seems like more and more our country is nothing more than a bunch of bored vipers waiting to strike at anything they feel is weak.

      • Mark says:

        It’s not that I think I’m saintly, it’s the fact, speaking for myself of course, I know what is (morally) accepted. Believe it or not, there are people in this country that still live by a moral standard and Ms. Miley certainly doesn’t follow any of the rules. And yes, she did get rich at a very young age, but that’s no excuse. My daughter has lived a VERY privileged life, yet she has a sense of decency and morality. Her mother and I have raised her understanding what the word NO means, while applying discipline and guidance when needed. I feel sorry for Miley. The world can thank her parents for her actions, or lack there of.

    • Beverly says:

      I wouldn’t want that nasty tongue wagging at a classy event either. You go Maria.

  3. Toni says:

    Who would want this ugly slut anywhere near their son or anyone for that matter???? she is a LOW-LIFE skank…. let her go spend Christmas in the sewer where she belongs.

  4. Summertime Martin says:

    I have at one time tried to understand the
    workings of this girl’s mind

    and have to admit defeat.

    She has a self-esteem issue, which forces
    her to act out in trashy,crude, vulgar
    and immoral ways.

    No normal teenager would succumb to such
    actions, and one can’t help but wonder
    about the upbringing by her parents.

    Maybe they are as appalled at we are.

    • Penny says:

      I think her parents are afraid of her, at least her dad. I remember her publicly, on t.v., threatening Billy Ray that he had “BETTER” call her immediately or she was going to let something out of the bag he didn’t want anyone to hear. This girl is nasty.

  5. Hope A.Duchaine says:

    I totally agree with Maria, Miley is the wrong person for Patrick. I also believe that she is a bad influence on any young man. I don’t like her because of her attitude towards life and her suggestive exploits on stage. I truly think that Patrick can do better than Miley and I pray that it is just a fling. My hats off to Maria, keep on keeping the two apart!!!!

    • D. McDan says:

      I agree with Maria. Miley is the piece of garbage every mother hopes her son will not drag home. If Patrick is more like his mother and not like his father, he will grow tired of the sleezy slut and get a respectful WOMAN and not a want a be

  6. david says:

    They said the same shit about Madonna when she came out in the eighties. she’s a human being, embracing her youth. we all did whacky shit when we were kids,we just didn’t have the eyes of the world upon us as we did it. bottom line? who cares. leave her be..

    • Daniel Piper says:

      Who cares? I do, and a whole heck of a lot of other people. Looks like everyone on here but you for that matter. You don’t have class or morals either? Fine, stick with your hero; the rest of us will call it as we see it.

    • robert says:

      Madonna wasn’t quite as trashy

      • Deb says:

        Are you kidding me, she is the queen pig. Gads, she is also a self admitted devil/satan worshiper. ANYONE who makes excuses for evil is evil, period.
        Madonna, like Miley/Hanna has taken young women down the evil path of perversion. Women are sacred, Madonna has made the image of women into slutdom like Miley, etc.
        Make no excuses for the ultrarich and famous, they sold their souls for their fame, they hate you, there is no love, only hate. Stupid people, WAKE UP.

      • seets says:


      • Folsomprisonblues says:

        Madonna had/has actual talent. Miley does not.

  7. Daniel Piper says:

    Who would want her around with her tongue hanging out like a dog the whole time? She is a nasty little child and all the money in the world can’t get her in places where class is required.

  8. pewpewpew says:

    Like the Kennedy’s are bastions of morality? Glass houses.

    • Deb says:

      At least she is not a moral chicken…

    • Chandra says:

      People quickly and conveniently forget their wrongs/sins…Maria may have been that influence that could change Miley…no one in this world has a clean slate and at any given time can get lost along the way. Miley is young and trying to find her place in this world. You can call her what you may but she is has guts enough to live out her dreams and step up and make them happen. This young lady need your prayers more than your ridicule.

    • the queen says:

      loved miley when she was Hannah montana and so did my granddaughter. both miley and Patrick are over 21, and yes glass houses. I think miley will come around and I learned when my daughter was 18-22, the ore you tell them not to do something the more they are going to do it. leave them alone; let miley come to the xmas family bash. she’ll learn; shriver/kennedy clan are snobs.

    • spotmom says:


  9. Rob says:

    People have to figure out for themselves what love and/or lust are all about. Many of you say Miley is not right for him, and you may prove correct. But it doesn’t matter what you think – it matters what he feels. And he has to sort that all out on his own.

    Maria has the right to “ban” anyone she wants, but I don’t think it’s a smart move. It will create a rift and if I was Patrick, I’d blow off the trip to MA and spend it with her. He’s a grown young man who doesn’t need his mom anymore.

  10. MKH says:

    The thing about Miley is that at one time she was somewhat of a figure that was acceptable (Hannah Montana). She has taken that persona and thrown it right out the window, including any ounce of decency. The Kennedy family has had enough drama in their public lives. I am sure Maria Shriver does not want to add any more drama especially at Christmas. The problem with Miley is that she or whoever her advisers are thinks that she needs to be trashy to be entertaining. Well that persona and reputation also lead a long shadow as well in the opinion of others.

  11. gilly says:

    and ahhnold screwing the maid is a good example? cant be worse than miley

    • Mary 39 says:

      Actually that was a dumb remark because we are not talking about Arnold banning Trashy we are talking about Maria who upon finding out about her trashy husband Arnold and the Illegal trashy maid filed for divorce leaving the trash behind. And as for the Kennedy family having many sinful skeletons in their closet it doesn’t necessarily apply to Maria who doesn’t want to see the same things happen to her son. That being said I agree with Maria even if it alienates her with her son which will only last as long as Miley has him fooled about herself or the fascination wears off.

  12. fran says:

    I totally agree with Maria. Miley acts without any class at all. I wonder why she acts the way that she does. Patrick needs to distance himself from her.

  13. sunny8663 says:

    Miley is a talented young lady but she has worked hard at developing a “bad girl” persona who will do just about anything to gain attention. Now that she has repeatedly shown her bad taste and has repeatedly embarrassed herself and her family should the Kennedy’s be faulted for not wanting her influence around their son? I would not say that it is a feud exactly. It seems more like a mom trying to protect her son and a son seeing things differently.

  14. Susan Bee says:

    Too bad her parents never told her “NO”. They must have just wanted the money she was making. Good for Maria!!

  15. Deb says:

    The caring part is finally SOMEONE tells this pathetic satanic worshiper that she is way too disgusting. I usually could care less about these “famous” people, I take exception with Hanna Montana/TURNED SLUT. This little slut has influenced way too many young and once innocent lives. Good for Maria, if my child brought that thing to my home I would have to slap the snot out of her.
    Good for ANYONE who does not allow this special type of idiot into their home.

  16. Joe says:

    I have an idea of what to do with that TRASH. Maria could just have Arnold “Terminate” her

  17. Sandra says:

    Is this really true? Did you not see the Ferguson people crying because of the looting after a peaceable demonstation? Are you not the person who shapes and forms your families loves? Is this not an expression or outpouring of some facet of love? Is there not a God associated with love in your home? It seems that the religiosity expressions might be different but I always believed that this family steps forth to show a path of righteousness, good will, and fortitude in the development of their youth. Here we have a trong minded woman of notable talents, and yet is she truly banned from your graces that dorn your family? Is your family not evangelisic in directing youth to a righteous and holy path, guidance and direction is required for your home rules and the future of your children are at stake because of your ability to guide, is that not right? It is merely an outward expression of repressed feelings, and are you to repress more than acknowledge, give guidance, and hopefully not oppress but openly discuss the options and values and paths…? Who Cares? we all should..We all should work separate and apart yet for the good of mankind.

  18. Sandra says:

    THe poor motherless waif

    • Sandra says:

      Does she not need different views of mothers?
      So far only her dad is right… and you are proving it….

  19. Brian Kyle says:

    Maria is wrong simple has that, omg I thought this train of bashing Miley had run its course!! I would not call Miley white trash, here is a reason if a guy or a teenage boy did the same it would OH HELL YEAH WAY TO GO ANOTHER MARK ON THE BED POST KEEP IT UP!! high fives, smiling grins on the father face!! I would welcome Miley in my family any day of the *****year MILEY IS HAVING FUN!!!!!! pretty much 85 percent of hollywood is doing the ***** same thing but just because all you think that Miley is still the sweet, innocent, disney girl (Hannah Montana) well guess what she grew up!! QUESTION TO ALL YOU JUDGES how many of had many many sexual partners, experimented with drugs, drank to much smoke aka partying your ass off!! BOTTOM LINE DON’T JUDGE MILEY IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!

  20. Melissa says:

    What kind of people are you? She is a young woman trying to find her way and not doing anything more than your precious teenage sons or daughters. She just happens to be in the spotlight. And because she was a Disney Princess and the daughter of a country singer she catches for flack for doing the same things other young famous people her age do. She has never been arrested for shoplifting( or anything else), never had a DUI, and as far as I an tell doesn’t do anything that is illegal in the state she does it in. How many Kennedys can say the same thing? And all you so called mature adults need to question what kind of role model you are being to your children when you are calling some young girl a slut.

    • Kate says:

      …If other famous kids act that way, their parents are to blame. Unfortunately, what’s done is done and peoples impressions are going to be very hard to change. She obviously never got the guidance she needed and her parents allowed her to be exploited when she didn’t know better. It’s going to take more than a few right decisions to undo what she has done to her own self image much less those of the general public.

  21. Zeroh Tollrants says:

    Hollywood Life has gotten caught lying and stealing from other publications and blogs repeatedly and people still link them as a source? You should bs ashamed.

  22. Tommy H says:

    Good for Maria. Miley is trash. A talent wasted.

  23. Brenda says:

    I agree with Maria cause Miley has been out of control since she proved she was an adult. No one has to go the lengths that Miley to. she thinks you take off all of your clothes to show your over 18. She looks like her farther ( a mullet).Miley also looks just like MR. Mullet and when she cut her hair she favored a real life mullet fish! I hope Patrick gets out of this before it goes too far. she has got a lot of growing up to date and could care less if she is educated. I would want not want Patrick to stop studying. See Miley will mess him up and then be on her way. Patrick she is junk in the truck! Listen to your mother and you will be glad you did.

  24. teresa sandoval says:

    HI who ever see this coment,,, im a 100 percent whit MARIA SRIVER MILEY CYRUS is VERY BAD INFLUENCE for her son GOOD luck .. MARIA keep your son away from the evil influence,,, I DONT LIKE HER EITHER,,,,,

  25. Carl says:

    Not “classy” enough for the Schwarzenegger/Kennedy clan? ouch! What’s next? Too “low brow” for the Kardashians?

  26. Bruce says:

    Really people, this is what’s bothering you in the world….Miley Cyrus?
    Get a grip, this is why the rest of the world laughs at us. Getting your panties in a twist over a young adult acting like a young adult, adult, being the prime word. Who cares, go back to your needle point and quilts, because obviously you’re still in the 1950’s……..

  27. Bill says:

    They must have a new Latin maid for Arnold’s son.

  28. Zeroh Tollrants says:

    Why are people 1) acting like the Kennedys’ don’t have/haven’t had the rep as hardest partiers since the freaking 60’s, 2) like Maria S actually gives a sh*t about this silly tabloid rumor 3) as if it makes a lick of sense! The family is full of DUIs, suicide, raoe, murder, molestation, drug abuse, infidelity, and the family fortune came from illegal booze running during prohibition. Lolololol. Give me a break w this silly mess.

  29. Vicki Waldner says:

    I don’t blame Maria Schwarzenegger for not wanting Miley at family functions. Miley is a tramp & a scum bag. She’s constantly wearing clothes where it show’s her butt. vagina & breasts & she fingers herself most any where she’s at. She wants attention by showing her body & it’s pretty disgusting. And that tongue of hers is just asking to get cut off. I cannot stand Miley Cyrus – why people put up with her & want to be her friend is beyond me.

  30. Mr. Giggles S. Skidmark says:

    Miley, Miley, Miley… Girl I really think you need a good SPANKING. You are more than welcome to come over to my place so we can both practice our nipple slips, our OOP’S I forgot it was no pantie day, oh silly me stunt, and then we can sit on my 2 big balls while naked. What a plan huh?

  31. JerryInMarietta says:

    Miley is no prize. Indeed, she is someone I wouldn’t want my daughter emulating or my son dating. Quite frankly I don’t see what Patrick sees in her. She is not pretty. Her body is not sexy. She acts like someone needy of 24/7 public attention. Have you ever been around someone NEEDY of attention? Gets old fast.

    What’s really f’ed up is … the Hanna Montana Miley was pretty. WTF did she do to herself?

    • Kim says:

      There’s no law sayin’ any female has to be “pretty”, but, a certain flare for behaving in a more civil manner would be nice.

  32. sarah says:

    Maria Shrive is one smart woman! I wouldn’t want my son around Miley either. He is just being deviant because his Mom doesn’t like her and he probably feels that since he is an adult, he can see whomever he wants. The “romance” will likely fade out eventually anyway. Miley doesn’t do well with boyfriends. Just ask Liam Hemsworth.

    • Mark C says:

      The lives of some entertainers who live in the fast lane from an early age, sometimes ends in tragedy. This is what is so sad. I pray the Holy Spirit will tap her on the shoulder before its too late.

  33. Kim says:

    I’m positive Miley has been told at different times, by different people, to reign in her behavior, but, it seems to fall upon deaf ears. When she’s shunned enough, by enough, she’ll, maybe, start to understand…one must have a certain degree of decorum, or, they’re gonna be seen as a low-life.

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