LaMarcus Aldridge Postpones Surgery On Finger And Leads Team To Victory

January 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

LaMarcus Aldridge postpones surgery after learning that he had a torn ligament in his left thumb. Experts say that the surgery would have sidelined LaMarcus Aldridge for 8 weeks.

LaMarcus Aldridge postpones surgery

LaMarcus Aldridge postpones surgery on his left thumb and is able to play an extraordinary game. On Thursday, it was announced by the Portland Trail Blazers that LaMarcus Aldridge had an appointment to have surgery over the weekend on his left thumb.

Doctors had diagnosed Aldridge with a torn ligament in his left thumb and he needed immediate surgery that would sideline him for 6 to 8 weeks. Aldridge’s surgery could not have come at a worse time because Portland Trail Blazers starting center Robin Lopez, backup Joel Freeland, and starting forward Nicolas Batum, are all absent due to some kind of injury.

Early Saturday morning, officials form the organization and players were stunned when LaMarcus Aldridge showed up for practice and explained that he decided to postpone his surgery.

Not only did he practice, LaMarcus Aldridge went on to play that night, scored 26 points and nine rebounds, leading the Blazers to a 103-96 victory over the Wizards. After the match LaMarcus Aldridge explained his decision to play through the pain:

“(The thumb is) a little sore, but not too bad. I thought last night went well, because I really didn’t have too many moments where it got too painful. I thought our medical staff did a good job of getting me a brace that could kind of protect, and they taped it in a good position where if it got hit it wouldn’t take too much of a pounding. I thought it was good last night.”

His teammates, including guard Damian Lillard, were impressed by Aldridge’s return and said that his decision was selfless. Coach Terry Stotts added:

“I think he wanted to play. He knows we’ve got a good season going. He wants to be part of it and support the team. We’ve struggled the last two games without him. In that respect, it didn’t surprise me, but I certainly anticipated him getting the surgery.”

LaMarcus Aldridge postpones surgery and wins the game for his team. What are your thoughts on his move?


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