Kendall Jenner Bullied By ‘Cruel’ Models At New York Fashion Week: Report

September 20, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

kendall jenner bullied report

Kendall Jenner was bullied by “cruel” models during New York Fashion Week that began on September 4 and ended on the 11th. The reality TV star was victim of bullying become some of the other models believe that she did not work hard enough to be where she currently is.

Players are going to play, haters are going to hate, so the oldest Jenner sister will just have to shake it off. Was Kendall Jenner bullied at New York Fashion Week Spring 2015? The answer to this question seems to be yes, according to In Touch Weekly.

The magazine alleges that models, who have worked really hard and made enormous sacrifices to further their careers are not happy with the fact that Jenner more or less came out of nowhere and is competing for high profile gigs. The supposed envious women think that the 18-year-old model does not deserve to be on the same level as them.

The unease over Jenner’s meteoric rise in the fashion world has lead to some questionable acts from those who don’t like her in the industry. An insider told the publication:

“The other models worked so hard to get a spot on the runway and didn’t think it was fair that she was there. Some [of the models] put out their cigarettes in Kendall’s drink!. They thought she was getting special treatment and just weren’t OK with it.”

Some say that the jealousy is probably real, but it is highly doubtful that Kendall Jenner was bullied to the point described in the quote. Although seems to go in the same direction as In Touch Weekly, the celebrity news website reported:

“They started acting so bitchy— some even put out their cigarettes in Kendall’s drink! Models can be cruel, especially with someone new and entitled.”

All those rumors put Kim Kardashian’s half-sister in a difficult situation since she can not come out to confirm them, if she did this, it would make things worse for her. Jenner is forced to take all in and pretend that all is fine. A source close to the young model spoke to E! News and said:

“If Kendall was bullied, she certainly isn’t aware of it. She’s too busy working hard and enjoying what she’s doing.”

Kendall Jenner who first appeared on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007 when she was only 11 has been trying very hard lately to dissociate herself from the brand and family that made her a star. Kendall went as far as dropping her last name in order to be taken seriously. Jenner was praised for her performance at NYFW where she worked for brands like Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger.

The model should find solace in her growing success and the fact she is now seen as one of the rare members of the popular clan with a “real” career. Additionally, the Kendall Jenner bullied stories and rumors may even get her a second look from people who were not fans in the first place.


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  1. Alexa says:

    Didn’t she bully that waitress?

  2. hyetsr says:

    so sad for her

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