Kelly Ripa Butt Selfie: Star Kelly Ripa Shares ‘Belfie’ Story On ‘The Late Show’

September 25, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

kelly ripa butt selfie

Kelly Ripa butt selfie mishap has people talking. Mark Consuelos’ wife was a guest on CBS’ The Late Show Wednesday when she shared her “belfie” story with host David Letterman.

A Kelly Ripa butt selfie joke has gone viral and we have all the details for you. Ripa, 43, revealed that she and husband Mark Consuelos got her father-in-law, Saul Consuelos an iPad for his birthday. Via Apple’s iCloud, the new device was still connected to theirs, something the host of ABC’s Live! with Kelly and Michael was not aware of when she decided to send her companion a racy image.

Her hubby was shooting a show in Los Angeles (the couple lives in New York.) In an attempt to keep things hot between them, Ripa sent Consuelos a butt selfie she took in front of a mirror in her underwear. Ripa told Letterman:

“I sent him a cute, adorable butt selfie in my underpants. It’s the only time I’ve ever sent a semi-nude anything, ever!”

Ripa’s in-laws received her butt selfie and handled the matter with a lot of class. She said:

“They’re like, ‘Your exercise classes are really paying off and you look great. May God continue to bless you.’. Are you kidding me?!”

The mother of 3 warned Letterman of the problems with sexting, Ripa stated:

“I’m a cautionary tale.”

Ripa and her host turned the story into a huge joke and the former actress ended up taking a picture of the legendary comedian’s posterior.

Kelly Ripa butt selfie confession may push the hackers behind the recent celebrity nude leak known as “The Fappening” to look for the photo.

Fans of the All My Children actress rushed online to tell her that she has a great butt and not to feel too bad because they have also been in similar embarrassing situations with in-laws. They find the Kelly Ripa butt selfie tale to be one of the funniest stories, she has ever told. Ripa is known for telling great stories.

You can watch Ripa share her “belfie” mishap below.


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  1. Sean Gonzo says:

    Kinda have to HAVE a butt in order to show it off

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