Kelly Clarkson Weight Backup Drama: Katie Hopkins Slams Kelly Clarkson, ‘Did She Eat All Of Her Backing Singers?’

February 22, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kelly Clarkson weight gets slammed, comedian asks, did she eat her backup singers? A British reality star by the name of Katie Hopkins, who is famous for her controversial comments, recently took to Twitter where she dissed Kelly Clarkson’s weight by saying that she has gotten fat by eating her backup singers. Many of Kelly Clarkson’s fans pointed to Katie Hopkins that the singer had a baby few months ago. But that only made matters worse, with the outspoken woman replying with “that is not baby weight. It is fat.”

kelly clarkson weight backup

Kelly Clarkson’s weight was slammed by a struggling star who asked, did she eat her backup singers to be so fat? On Friday night, Kelly Clarkson made an appearance on the popular British television show The Graham Norton Show.

The American Idol winner, who is currently promoting her Piece by Piece album, sang her single entitled “Heart Beat Song.” As always, Kelly Clarkson delivered an amazing performance. While most people watching at home were blown away by Clarkson’s amazing voice, British comedian Katie Hopkins was focused on the diva’s weight.

Katie Hopkins, 40, a mother of three took to Twitter where she slammed Kelly Clarkson’s figure by asking:

“Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all of her backing singers?”

Many of Clarkson’s fans came to her defense by explaining that she gave birth to her first daughter, River, in June, so give her a break if she has few pounds to drop. The fans’ comments made matters worse, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant went on a rant where she dissed Kelly Clarkson even more.

The failed politician, who has been married twice said:

“Darling, if you had a baby a year ago, that is not baby weight. It is fat. Quit calling it cute names to make yourself feel better. Baby weight, puppy fat, muffin top. We’re so weakwilled we have to make up cute names for fat. Babies, puppies, muffins. Nope. Just fat love.”

An epic back and forth took place between Katie Hopkins and many of Kelly Clarkson fans with one person saying:

“Katie Hopkins is disgusting what she’s saying about Kelly Clarkson. Makes me sick how she can get away with treating people like that.Thankfully Kelly Clarkson probably doesn’t have a clue who you are. You’re a nobody compared to her. And that’s what matters.”

The CBB runner-up lashed back:

“Let’s remember boys and girls and haggard old bags, if you don’t like what I say, you don’t have to read it. My voice comes with choice. No one needs to agree with my views. Accepting we all think differently is the joy of life. Unless you are fat. Then clearly you’re wrong.”

Recently, Kelly Clarkson revealed that she does not care about her size because her talent is enough. The entertainer said:

“I don’t know, I’ve always been confident in my talent and what I love to do, it’s never really gotten me down. How I grew up, I’ve never been super concerned with [how I look].”

The term “Kelly Clarkson weight backup” has gone viral and has some wondering if this is not some form of bullying. What are your thoughts on this Kelly Clarkson diss?

kelly Clarkson

Warming up at @loosewomen in London with my favorite girls! #heartbeatsong

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  1. dgr says:

    This is the 2nd public attempt Kelly has made about her Fat Gene! This time she has had 8 months to loose 1 pound, and there’s no excuse. And your mother in law Reba is only adding insult to injury, Face it ur fat, and need to lose weight if ur going to publicly insult singers who refuse to be seen with you in public it’s your apearence !

  2. Lynn says:

    Katie is a nobody.

  3. Aph says:

    She is not just fat, she has reached “Heffalump” proportions!

  4. djack says:

    Katie who? that’s right, never heard of you….keep moving along people and let those consumed by hate keep grabbing for straws…

  5. Karen says:

    People are just nasty! God made women in all shapes and sizes and if everyone ran around looking like a coat rack all the time, life would be boring! You can be full figure and health or skinny and have issues as well. This obsession with body image in this country has to STOP! This why we have so many young girls with eating disorders. A anyway she may have thyroid disease that causes weight gain or a genetic gen, if she is happy and her husband loves her, screw all you skinny ugly britches!

  6. PJ says:

    Well, it’s just a matter of fact that people come in all shapes and sizes.
    1. Kelly is short, and even if she weighed 100 lbs she would look heavy.
    2. Her baby is 6 months old, and although many women are able to lose the weight in a matter of weeks, some take longer. And some are unable to lose it at all!
    3. Not all new mothers are interested in getting into a daily weight loss regimen immediately after giving birth, especially if they are nursing. Let them enjoy some quality time with their new little one!
    4. Not one single human being is perfect, and before we begin to judge or put down others, we really need to look in the mirror as well as inside of ourselves, including all those “dark places”, before we even entertain the thought that it IS our place to judge anyone!
    5. By the mere fact that Katie attacked Kelly in such a way, it is clearly obvious that Katie had some huge issues to work out for herself! Good luck with that!

  7. jimmy says:

    Forget fat. What on Earth is she doing to her hair? What is it with chicks and bleached hair. Not to mention the red lips. Oh I get it. She’s doing the clown thing for her new kid. C’mon Kelly – – get it back together.

  8. ncmzt says:

    What comes around goes around! Kate whatever her name is… needs to look at herself in the mirror before criticizing someone else. All I can say, she must have some major self-esteem issues if she needs to pick on someone else’s imperfections to make herself look and feel better. It just goes to show you…Class (Clarkston) vs. No Class (Katie whatever her name is)

  9. TDK says:

    Let me get this straight , Kelly is comfortable in her skin , her family and husband love her and the problem is Katie Hopkins or as I will call her(the twat). Kelly is successful and made a name for her self and when the twat wants to anti up and start paying Kelly’s bills then she can have an opinion until then do everybody a favor and stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

  10. Tori says:

    Why do people feel the need to comment on another person’s weight? If Katie were to comment on a person’s sexuality or disability, protesters would be demanding she be fired. And yet, people seem fine with the weight comments.

    Kelly is a beautiful woman who simply needs to find someone who can help her find a better hair color (brown streaked with blonde would probably make her face look thinner), and she needs to wear long dresses rather than short ones. She simply needs a stylist. If she is comfortable the way she is, then she is fine the way she is. Leave her alone.

    We love ya, Kelly!

  11. Lisa Ayers says:

    being a mother is an amazing thing for most women. If it comes with a little extra weight, so be it. I think I would much rather be a mother and taking care of my children then sitting around making hurtful comments about others!

  12. kiara says:

    Katie Hopkins is 40 years old and a mother right. And she is acting like a teenage girl back in High School picking on the other girls that are different than she is. She is teaching her kids that is alright to make fun of other kids that are different from them. This is exactly why kids are being tormented today because of people like her. When I was in school people like her picked on me day in and day out. Not to mention I all ready hated who I was. Than people like her picked on me for 5 years in school. Day after Day they would torment me. Than one day my world came crashing down on me. And I wanted to kill myself to get away from people like her. Making jokes like this is not funny at all. If she was any kind of mother she would not be acting like a bully. Teaching your kids how to make fun of others because of weight issues is not right. And as old as she is she should know better than this.

  13. SWF says:

    Kelly Clarkson hasn’t had any issues with her weight – so this woman’s comments are useless and mean. Pick on someone from your own country…like some blonde singer who’s in her twenties………

  14. JJF says:

    And this is why people have eating disorders. Listen to yourselves – I’m sure you’re all size 2’s and dropped weight after having a baby in one week with toned abs and a thigh gap. Get the EFF over yourselves. You sound pathetic.

  15. AT says:

    This Katie women is the epitome of why we are having so many bullying issues in young kids today! Now we can see her true colors and where her children and many others worldwide are getting it from…! She can speak freedom of speech until she’s blue in the face, but didn’t your mom ever teach you, ” if you do not have anything nice to say…Don’t say anything at all!!” She’s just jealous of Kelly’s success and I feel sorry for you Katie…not a good move for your career or your soul!
    Kelly is an amazing artist and she has brought so much positivity and strength to young women everywhere…no matter what, she’s a “RockStar” in my eyes!! God Bless you Kelly and Katie, I will pray for your heart to unfreeze! Amen!

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