Kate Upton Dons Swimsuit For Bobbi Brown Ad, Fans React

June 3, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kate Upton dons a swimsuit for the latest Bobbi Brown ad and the Internet explodes. Model and actress Kate Upton opted for a blue bikini that revealed an impressive amount of cleavage for the Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection.

kate upton swimsuit bobbi brown

Kate Upton wears a swimsuit for the Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection ad in an effort to break the Internet.

In her third advertisement campaign for Bobbi Brown, dubbed the Sandy Nudes Collection, Miss Upton, who joined the brand in 2014, is seen in a blue bikini top, which reveals more cleavage than we can bear.

The 24-year-old Michigan-born beauty has her wet blonde locks slicked back. Kate Upton has the perfect golden tan, which is courtesy of the newly released products from Bobbi Brown.

According to a statement issued by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Kate Upton is wearing makeup from The Telluride Collection, which was inspired by Telluride, Colorado, one of the model’s favorite places in the world.

The Bobbi Brown Telluride Collection includes moderate and natural tones like nude, rose gold, and bronzy pink. The company said:

“This look is perfect for summer and transitions beautifully into the autumn.”

Mrs. Bobbi Brown, a mother of three, makeup artist and the founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, praised Kate Upton in 2014 when she became a spokesperson for the brand replacing Katie Holmes. Brown revealed that she was thrilled to work with the voluptuous model and called her strong and inspirational. Bobbi Brown said:

“It’s really inspirational to see a woman who feels so good and so confident.You do what you feel and you don’t follow anyone’s rule. You are not like anyone else, you are completely individual and independent.”

Kate Upton replied by saying:

“Everything is about the inner beauty. Bobbi possess that in her brand. Coming from you, that’s pretty amazing.Definitely my mom gave me a lot of confidence.”

Kate Upton’s over-the-top swimsuit for Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection has mixed reactions. Here are few comments from customers of the beauty giant:

“The boobies, all I see, brig Katie back.”

“Upton is an all-American beauty, perfect for this all-American cosmetic company.”

“Nice face, by her arms have been photoshopped too much, she has great and natural curves, why did they remove that?”

“Ms. Brown’s cosmetics speak for themselves why is she hiring so-called celebrities to pose half naked for her brand?”

More shots of the campaign are expected to be released in the upcoming weeks. Upton will keep things very hot this summer.

What do you think of Kate Upton’s new Bobbi Brown ad?

This shoot was so fun! @bobbibrown #LongWearLifeProof http://bbrwn.co/1aOMHMe

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  1. Rosie Paul says:

    She has womanly curves, which is why real people like her.
    Had enough of the skeleton looking models who had work done. She is healthy and sweet- like the other person said – all American.
    Mrs Brown is legendary in her field and I’m glad she is not moving her business to China.

  2. captain ern says:

    i’d rather see her in her birthday suit

  3. Dude says:

    Dude, who would not want to see her in her birthday suit?
    I doubt it will happen.

    • Marcus says:

      dude you mean to tell me that you didn’t see her nude photos? get myour life together hahaha

  4. faloncious says:

    She has breasts for days and I would marry her in a New York minute.
    Call me Kate.

  5. Saiid says:

    I will never forget that SI cover, I never wanted to Antertica so bad.
    She needs to get married and have babies, because she has baby making hips that would bear amzing offsprings. that is my way of saying Kate will you marry me? and to Saudi Arabia with me?

    • Tee says:

      Ewe….her body is awful. She has a gooey looking abdomen, no butt and long shapeless legs. Her boobs is all that she has that men like. Compare her body to a real body….Jennifer Lopez….Beyoncé…..I’ll bet you will never see her compete or even be in any shoots with those women with real bodies. People are just hyping her up because of her family name. Her body is worst than mine. Please.

      • Tee's hips says:

        Tee, you’re funny and you’re right. She’ll never compete with Beyonce for a shoot. Because she’s beautiful and Beyonce looks like a bobblehead doll left out in the sun too long.

      • Johnny C says:

        Jealousy will get you nowhere T. you hate her cuz you aint her

  6. Amelia says:

    She is a better actress than model, in The Other Woman she was somewhat funny but in ads she looks average. To be honest if I crossed path with her while buying bacon, at my local grocery stood, she would not stand out.

  7. Taylor L says:

    One thing is for sure, when she has a baby she will be able to breastfeed for many months.

    • Tee says:

      And her huge breasts will be more saggy than they are now. At least she has real breasts and not fake ones like 90% of the vain celebrities out there.

    • Tee says:

      Actually, she will be able to breast feed just like all other mothers, so…..you’re probably a bit mislead…..

  8. Kim says:

    What makeup? All I see are huge breasteses like Oprah would say- put on some clothes Kate.

    • Chi says:

      lol, I remember that old interview where she was talking about Terence. Thanks for the joke. Oprah kills me sometimes.

  9. Tee says:

    She has an awful body type. Her abdomen doesn’t look right, although not showing in this ad that I’m seeing. She is not shapely at all.

  10. Estabania says:

    Who in their right mind wears makeup under the shower? Those silly ad campaigns.

  11. Trevor Williams says:

    I want Kate to date Justin Bieber or a black man like Kim Kardashian did with Kanye West. She needs to open up to new world.

  12. Vix says:

    Wow leave it to the women to hate on their own and then they wonder why Feminism isn’t as strong as it should be. This is an ad for a swimwear campaign, “Kim” so why would she put clothes on? And Tee…you’re sad. Typical woman upset with her own body image that she has to lash out at others. #hatersgonnahate
    I think she’s a lovely girl and doing what she’s paid for, modeling. She’s not involved in dirty scandals and is all natural so score one for USA, finally.

  13. Louise says:

    Don’t see a southern belle with blonde hair and blue eyes dating a rapper like Kanye West. Her mama thought her better than that.
    On a side note, she should date a person because she likes them not because she needs to make a liberal statement she is open to whatever comes her.

    • Zro86 says:

      SHE IS DATING – Justin Verlander, All-Star Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers…all you need to know is she is a really down to earth individual who happens to be smokin’ hot. Her natural body is far more attractive than those 95lbs soaking wet…

  14. Kathy says:

    Taylor, this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Women with small breasts breastfeed their babies just fine thank you. Size doesn’t matter!! Idiot.

  15. Sam says:

    Saw that video where she is wet and oily and I have to leave the computer for 5 minutes and grab few tissues, lotion and ran for the bathroom.

  16. Clarissa says:

    Bobbi Brown is great with natural and earth tone makeup and I love her products for that and over the years she started making bright colors perfect for my teenage daughter.
    We are proud Bobbi Brown clients for numerous years now. I had prefer Katie Holmes, but I understand that she is trying to attract a younger clientele.

  17. Hey Taylor LOL moron says:

    You poor bastard, I feel sorry for you that your mother didn’t love you, hug you and didn’t breastfeed you as a baby. Your comment is pure ignorance. moron.

  18. Sandra says:

    Too tight bikini aside, her makeup is flawless.

  19. Harper says:

    What a cute smile, she could sell a bridge to Kris Kristie with those pearly whites.

  20. JodyK says:

    The thing I love about Kate Upton is that she isn’t a stick figure skeleton that looks like she’s been on meth. She actually has some curves and that softness that looks so good to a man. She looks like a real woman should look. I don’t think these ladies who starve themselves to get as skinny as possible are attractive at all. I also assumed that women would be excited for a lady with a real woman build to make the cover of Sports Illustrated. Women are the quickest at attacking there own!

  21. Cynthia Wilson says:

    The nude lip color on Kate is simply fabulous. I need that ASAP.
    Some of the comments in this post about Kate’s body are just mean, live and let live. The negativity is not going to make thinner, richer or smarter. Spread some love instead.

  22. lisa turtle says:

    What a hot babe, she represents my Michigan, hard working, full of life and will do what it takes to make it. Keep going girl.

  23. Trina says:

    Kate is a pretty face with a normal body. I wish she would say where she stood on some political matters. Is she a republican like her uncle?
    Does she support Obama? Does she support Clinton? Or is she vegan? Is she a feminist? Does she care about the girls being kidnapped in Africa?
    It would be nice to have a bit of brain to add to the stunning body.

  24. Griff says:

    Hi Kate, I would have loved to take you to my prom and you would teach me Teach me how to dougie,T-teach me how to dougie
    Teach me how to dougie, T-teach me how to dougie, All my bitches love me, All my, all my bitches love me
    All my bitches love me You aint f%ckin wit my dougie in a tight red dress that would show your sexy boobs and round ass.
    We would go get Carl Jr burgers laters and you would eat them nice and slow as we wash my car. LOL

  25. Rap fan says:

    Kate is a queen, I have nothing but love for her.

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