Kanye West Booed For Rant At Wireless Festival

July 6, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

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Kanye booed for rant at Wireless Festival is a story that has people talking this wekend. Kanye West booing is quickly turning into an international sport. West who was performing at London’s Wireless Festival on Friday annoyed his audience when in the middle of his performance, he launched a 15-minute rant about how the evil media is brainwashing people and the fashion industry is a place where racism lives.

The public was supportive when Mr West first started speaking but all of this turned south when he kept going on about how people should pursue their dreams, that was the turning point. The fans reacted very negatively when he told them that he stays very late in the studio so they can have nice music to listen to in their cars. This insane comment lead to chants of “we want Drake!”

The public’s reaction did not seem to bother the controversial artist as he continued talking about his laziness, shyness and arrogance. It was a moment of intense self adoration and congratulation.

The “Black Skinhead” rapper who was headlining the evening was wearing his traditional mask. The rant also touched on his perceived negative image in the press, Mr Kim Kardashian just could not stop as the piano loop provided the perfect background for his sermon.

The “Bound 2” artist also opened up about how he proposed to his wife over seven years ago and that marrying her was like the materialization of a life-long dream. It seems that Kim Kardashian really made this man happy by marrying him.

The hip hop star’s rants are becoming more prominent than his music. Some thinks that he is just an artist who is misunderstood and ahead of his time others find that his ego is slowly overshadowing his artistry.

The music lovers who paid their tickets for the festival did not want to hear all what Kanye had on his chest so they naturally booed him.

Kanye West eventually won back the concert goers when he returned to doing what they paid for, which is to perform hits from his illustrious catalog.

You can watch and listen to Kanye West’s latest rant below.


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  1. george milton says:

    I guess his 15 minutes of no talent fame have expired.

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